Slow album makes for lackluster Paramore showing

Paramore’s fourth studio album, titled after the band, is not the best efforts by the band and didn’t sound like the other albums that came before it.

“Paramore” had a consistency of long intros and slow songs. There were very few stand out pieces, the rest just seemed to mesh together and sound similar.

The band released this album on Tuesday, with the first single titled “Now” released in January.

This track isn’t a good choice for a single, the best part was when lead singer Hayley Williams repeats “If there’s a future we wouldn’t, now” over and over again.

That is really when you can hear some heart from Williams aside from her short breaths during the song.

The next single from “Paramore” is “Still into You” and was released in March and is perfect for the radio, especially because you can actually hear what the singer is saying unlike a lot of the music out today.

“Still into You” was a good choice and is a really good song, even though it isn’t like the older songs “Misery Business” and “Crush Crush Crush” but the sound is still good.

Teens can really relate to this song because the message sent is no matter what happens between two people that they can still have feelings for one another.

Despite the sound and message this song still isn’t the best off of the album.

If all the songs on the album were really good it would be hard to pick a favorite, but this album isn’t like that, it’s hard to pick a favorite because none of the songs are not that good.

If there was a best song it would be “Hate to See Your Heart Break” it’s a cute song, and is easy to listen to.

It is lighter than the other ones, you can just picture Williams swaying back and forth while singing this song with a smile on her face.

Now for the worst.

One of the worst songs on the album would be “Last Hope,” it is really slow and it’s lack luster, there’s nothing special about it.

Something interesting about the album is that the song “Part II” is a continuation of a previous Paramore song titled “Let the Flames Begin” which was a really good song. “Part II” doesn’t live up to it’s part one, but it’s okay.

Other songs to pay attention to on the album are “Proof” and “(one of those) Crazy Girls” there are not any other stand outs in this rather bland album, if Paramore decides to do a fifth album, let’s hope it sounds more like “Riot” or “Brand New Eyes”