What’s next for ‘The Walking Dead’?

Rocio Rodriguez and Rocio Rodriguez

The season finale of “The Walking Dead” was a bittersweet moment for most fans because they wanted to see how the fight between Rick’s group and Woodberry would play out but also because it means having to wait 6 months for the new season.

Even readers of the comic did not know what to expect for the season finale since the comics and the show are not exactly parallels of each other. Not knowing what to expect, fans were preparing for the worst.

Fans were expecting to see some blood being shed from Rick’s side but they got the surprise of a lifetime when the “Governor” decided to take his anger out on them and commit of massacre of his own army.

Some were hopeful that Andrea could have made it out alive, but unfortunately for human kind and those Andrea lovers she was part of the casualties.

Overall the finale was extremely shocking and was out to surprise everyone. The opening scene shows Rick’s group getting ready to leave the prison to avoid the fight. At the same time we see the “Governor” and his group approaching.

They leave the fans at the edge of their expecting the others to actually catch Rick’s group leaving but when they approach the prison they are not there, or so we think.

As the episode progresses we see how the “Governor” has gone completely crazy and what he is capable of doing.

The series has taken its fans on a wild ride but we are sure to see more exiting and new things now with the addition of fan favorites Michonne and Tyreese to get things moving.