Child Development Center celebrates the “Week of the Young Child”


Rocio Rodriguez

“Bird Nest” by Dominic Palma, age 5, located at the art exhibit held by the Child Development Center in recognition

Many art works made by children between the age 2 to 5 was displayed along the student center in celebration of the “Week of the Young Child.”

Dominic Palma and Aubree Zelaya both age 5, along with the rest of their classmates were proud to have their work displayed in an art exhibit put together by Child Development in acknowledgment of the “Week of The Young Child.”

The art exhibit was held at the Student Center and ran from April 17 to April 20.

Debra Ward Director of the Child Development Center explained that exhibit was put together in response to its approach to teaching practices in the center.

“The exhibit is a combination of what the children did at our school throughout the whole year while they were in our care.”

Ward explained that the center follows the “Reggio Emilia” theory and that in this approach “We look at the image of the child as the child being competent and capable already coming to us with their own ideas, thoughts and knowledge.

Part of this approach requires of a teaching strategy is to document children’s work and to reflect upon on what children are learning.”

Palma who saw the exhibit was excited to see all the work he had been intently working on being display for others to see.

“I saw my bird nest… I liked it,” explained the five year old.

Child development major Diana Gonzalez took a moment check out the exhibit and was excited to see all the work the children at the center had worked on.

“I’m a child development major, so it’s pretty exciting to be able to have a look at what kids are capable of doing. Looking at their work makes me happy and excited to be working with kids one day,” said Gonzalez.

Zelaya who had seen the exhibit before some of her other classmates, was happy to see everything she had contribute to the exhibit.

“I saw our cockatiel book that we made with our pictures… I put pictures in the book,” said Zelaya.

Gonzalez said she has wished to see more people taking interest in the exhibit seeing as it was located were many students spend their down time between classes.

“I liked what I saw, I just wished there was more people here instead of just seating down doing nothing,” said Gonzalez.