‘Battle of the Year’ moves viewers

“Battle of the Year” is a great, intense movie that energizes the audience as they watch it.

The message that is given in this move is inspiring with the added benefit of watching some extraordinary choreography in the group dances as well as some crazy, dangerous looking flips.

The story is about a tournament that invites the best dance groups from around the world to perform against each other and prove they are the best dancers in the world.

After 15 years of losing, Los Angeles dancer Dante Graham (Laz Alonso) brings in championship basketball coach Jason Blake (Josh Holloway) to help recruit the best dancers they can find for “The Dream Team” so that America can finally reclaim the trophy they won so many years ago.

When you see the way Blake coaches his team, you can see how much dedication the group members had to stay on the team and win the championship.

The message was introduced in such a clever way, with a focus that it doesnt matter whether you win or lose what matters is teamwork and discipline.

This movie is very intense and full of excitement and tears, with a love story that will blow your mind.

The overall choreography that was used in the movie is phenomenal. It goes from international “B-boys” dancing to the facial expressions they use, it is clear they dance with passion.

The movie let’s you become more personal with the characters and shows how everyone has changed over time and become a family while also giving you a sense of the backgrounds that each group member comes from.

It is definitely a must-see film.