The ways of Mr. Robotnik

There are wide ranges of dancing and the reasons people choose their favorite style is by experimenting. As a teenager, computer science major Nick Hambrick said that dancing for him was fun and considered it to be a hobby of his.

Mr. Wiggles, a dancer widely known for his popping and locking, is among one of Hambrick’s biggest inspirations that really made him want to pursue dancing.

He said that Suga Pop, another popping-style dancer, is also one of his inspirations.

He kept on dancing until he met his friend Anthony, who ended up being a co-founder of Hambrick’s first ever dance crew called Mayfair Dance Crew.

The crew was created in 2009 and, at first, it was just Anthony and Nick who were there to encourage each other.

Once they saw “America’s Best Dance Crew,” they were looking to expand their crew. They later added two new dancers, Antonio and Dante.

The four dancers had their first two performances at Mayfair High School, then a third at a middle school.

Hambrick expressed excitement talking about the three performances. However, he claimed they were “terrible because (of) the choreography.”

Being a dancer of the popping and tutting style requires much practice and fine tuning. Comparatively, any dance is tough and has it’s difficulties, however, Hambrick said he enjoys tutting and finger tutting. It just seemed most appealing to him.

“Thats the style I’ve practiced the most. It’s easy to teach because I’m at a stage with tutting where I can come up with anything on the spot.”

On that same note, Hambrick can teach all different combinations for different aspiring dancers who look to him as an expert.

“Other than software engineering, dancing will always be one of my passions. It’s not necessarily to make money in, but I mainly care about learning and teaching (and) let dancing be a positive experience for people,” Hambrick said.

Hambrick said that he finds satisfaction in helping people believe they can do something that they didn’t think they were able to do before.

“If you want to do something, whether it’s drawing, dancing or acting, and you feel that it’s something that you want to do, you should do it.”

Hambrick added that these outlets help people to smile and to see their progression throughout time.

Hambrick’s friend and fellow dancer Jaci Nabas, child development major, knows Hambrick personally and said, “He’s pretty mellow and chill; you can ask him anything.”

Nabas commented on Hambrick’s dance style, “I think his dancing is interesting because I can’t do that personally; he’s got talent.”