Dance Club is touching lives

“I didn’t even know it was a club I just walked in there, one of my friends said “hey, let’s go see my friend!” engineering major Peter Rodriguez said about the Dynamic Dance Club.

The club meets every first and third monday of each month from 2-3 p.m. in FA 54 then 3-4 p.m. on the Student Center stage.

Rodriguez added, “Dancing is a great relief from stress. Somewhere where you’re not surrounded with danger.”

Broderick Woods, business management major, is president of the club and has been dancing since he was 15 years old, dancing at house parties freely.

He fell in love with dance, especially when he discovered Latin dance and feels that is where he performs strongest. He has been dancing at Cerritos College since 2008 with the Dance Department.

Last semester, he came up with the idea for the Dynamic Dance Club.

“I wanted to give the opportunity for people to dance through their emotions. There’s so much we go through in our lifetime in these days, we go through depression, and financial loss.

“Some people don’t take that well, I’m trying to give another opportunity to give them a positive outlet, (to) dance through their emotions.” Woods said.

The group consists of all different types of dancing such as hip-hop, break dancing, salsa, latin dance and everything in between.

Woods said “no experienceneeded“ in order to join the club all you need to join is have minimum of a 2.0 and at least one unit enrolled, but most importantly wanting to learn just dance.

According to Woods, many people confuse this club with the Dance Department.

Unlike the department, anyone is welcomed to join the club at anytime for free and there are no requirements.

Peter Rodriguez, a member of the club, had joined on accident but ended up liking it. He said dancing took him out of all of the bad things he would do before and by dancing out all of his emotions, it made him feel better abouthimself.

Rodriguez said that his club has its own social events like house parties and kickbacks among themselves to just hang around.

Judy Mendez undecided major, said that she loves dancing bachata because it is a sexy, romantic and very passionate partner dancing.

She used to be shy to be on stage in front of a crowd but being in the club made her be more confident about herself and now she can dance anywhere without being shy.

“We are like a family” Mendez said.

She and her club will be attending a taping for “Let’s Make A Deal” on Oct. 27 as part of their club events that they will be attending this semester.