The Shock Doctrine

History is our lens to our future because the past shows where we have been and gives students and people a guideline on how to change. If we look back, there have been all kinds of deprivations and psychological shocks.

Carolina Morales was the coordinator of this historical review of discontent in Chile. Morales has a vision of not only a club, but also a community organization. Morales is the president of the People’s History Association and the on-campus club delivered a quick discussion on the shock doctrine

“The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.” which is a documentary and was the topic of discussion and was created by Naomi Klein and speaks about free enterprise and feels faulted and cheated by a man named Milton Friedmam who came to Chile and is a prominnant pedagogy of Freemarket Economies.

Klein states, “The economic chaos we’re seeing right now in wall street and on main street and in washington, stems from many outcomes of course, but among them come from Milton Friedman.”

Kleinn also claims, “The thesis of the Shock Doctrine” Kleinn states, “We’ve been sold a fairy tail about how these radical policies have swept the globe.”

Socialism is defined by, “A centrally planned economy in which the government controls all
means of production.” (web address).

Anthony Guerrero Majoring in Anthropology(talking about free enterprise) “you reap what you sow, and you work toward a goal, your efforts are reflected from your successes. Socialism is when everyone is taken care of and safe, however it’s noble you can’t have a bank account, you can’t climb the economic later.”

In society there are many acts and bills that are enacted and in action and it is easily slipped by average citizens.
Guerrero also noted, “We’re aware that this is a capitalistic government. we’re aware that we get taxed, we’re aware that there is elements of socialism in there, but I didn’t realize how technical everything is.”

“Carolina Morales president of Peples History Association invited me to come to the meeting.” Simply stated Guerrero, but he expressed much more to follow, “It was quite impressive to realize that even though 9/11 was last week and we remember our own tragadies, there was something else that was going on at that same time.”

This Shock doctrine is one of many ways we can become aware of our past and learn to facilitate our future as citizens. There is 3 pain points that Morales pointed out about why she founded the history club, I wanted it to be an organization to the community, so they can reach out to the people. Some different ideas that Morales brought up were also, “Relevance through time, The Chilean overthrow was funded by the U.S.” and lastly, “it’s good to question history.”

Check out the club meeting monday’s at 11 in room SS 136