FSZ: What other games would you like to see added in the game room?

1. Christian Sanchez, computer science major

“More modern consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 because old school [was] fun when we were kids, but it’s better to have these because it will attract more people.


















2. Cyndy Salinas, math major

“I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the glare on the screen sometimes, so maybe if they were to put something on the windows it could make it darker.”



















3. Esther Enriquez, psychology major

“Let’s see I don’t know, I guess maybe Pac-Man.”


















4. Noah Guerrero, art major

“Oh, maybe an Xbox or a PS3 station because cooperative play helps people connect with one another.”



















5. Guillermo Rivera, engineering major.

“Xbox because people can bring their own games and chill and relax.”


6. Ana Baltazar, nursing major

“Outlets to charge your phones.”