Review: ‘Transcendence’ has a little of everything

“Transcendence” has something for all viewers, romantics between Dr. Will Caster and his wife Evelyn showing that people are willing to do anything keep their love ones alive, for the female viewers, action with people getting shot by terriost groups and big explosions as the miliarty attack the super computer and his followers for the guys, even had a few tear jerking moments with the death of a few characters.

A film directed by Wall Pfiser who brought us films like “Inception” and The Dark Knight series.

Take us on a journey that follows a brilliant scientist by the name of Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Deep) who is apart of a research team of scientists striving to create an Artificial Intelligence to bridge in the gap between man and machine this was the “Physically Independent Neural Network project” or P.I.N.N for short.

“With ‘Transcendence,’ Pfister has certainly delivered a good-looking, well-produced picture, albeit one lacking in the memorable images he has supplied in excess in Nolan’s employ. (Pfister’s d.p. of choice, Jess Hall, is big on sun flares and slow-mo water droplets.) More critically, he’s made a movie empty of feeling, even as it labors to convince us that the entire future of the human race is hanging in the balance.” — Scott Foundas, Variety

The film starts off by showing Will and his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) preparing to attend a presentation led by Evelyn to attract potential sponsors, for the P.IN.N. project.

During this presentation Dr. Caster was asked “So are you trying to create a God?” and will a blank look replied “Haven’t we done that already?”

This seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout the movie.

Then moves on to scenes of synchronized terrorist attacks on every other AI research facility in the world connected to the P.I.N.N project.

Shortly after Will is shot by a member ofa radical anti-tech group later to be known as Rift(Revolutionary Independence from Technology)determined to stop him at all costs.

Will survives the attack, but doctors soon discover that the bullet was laced with radioactive material, which will eventually shut down Will’s vital organs, resulting in his death.

Little did Rift realize that their efforts to kill Dr. Caster would make him that much stronger.In desperation, Evelyn comes up with a plan to upload Will’s consciousness, into the P.I.N.N. projectan event which Will calls “Transcendence”.

This would allowed him to survive in digital form, staying with his wife, and complete the project.

Anyone who is looking for a great watch should see this film.

It is thought provoking and could lost viewers if not fully engaged for the full hour and 45 minutes. At times this films was predictable but all in all a good movie I would give this a sold 3.5 out of 5.