Review: ‘Cantinflas’ falls short in telling legend’s story

Born Mario Moreno, Cantinflas is a name recognized among most people of Hispanic background; he was a person who grew up in a family of six with low income, but those circumstances were not enough to stop him from reaching his dreams.

The recent film Cantinflas is a biography of who Cantinflas was and what he did throughout his time. Though it does show a lot of his growth as “Cantinflas,” it falls short of presenting to viewers who really Moreno was.

Cantinflas was and is recognized as the king of Hispanic comedy films, and even up to this day, his legacy remains.

For people who have only heard of his name and do not know much of his life background, this film did not make a large amount of a difference upon his image as an individual.

The film starts off with him as a grown man already and his various attempts to find his born-with talent.

As the film continues, he starts off with boxing, then bull-fighting, then stage dancer but fails with every one of his attempts.

The movie then keeps going back and forth, which makes it difficult to understand how and when exactly did he start off his career as “Cantinflas.”

The introduction of the movie does not explain to the audience who is Mario Moreno before becoming “Cantinflas” and how was his life before.

Certainly, if the introduction would have shown more of his life and struggles before becoming recognized, then his image as a person would have been much more valuable to the audience.

Cantinflas also lacks a rising action and a turning point.

The movie ends with Cantinflas receiving an award for his participation in the film “Around the World in 80 Days” and it does not show anything about his elderly days and how his life ended.

Although it lacks a lot of important points, this film does recognize Cantinflas’ life as a public personality, and it shows some parts of his life as an adult that people might have not been aware of.

Overall, for those people who want to know a little more about Cantinflas, the king of Hispanic comedy films, this movie would be suitable.