Free casting space available at Hollywood studio

Nicolette Aguirre, Arts Editor

If you’re an independent filmmaker or aspiring actor/actress, then Hollywood Casting and Film (HCandF) is the place for you to get a helping hand.

HCandF is a professional casting studio that provides free casting space along with state-of-the-art sound-proof studio rooms, actor database, professional-grade lighting and camera equipment for filmmakers.

Founded in 2012, HCandF helps launch the careers of filmmakers and actors in the competitive Hollywood market.

“Hollywood Casting and Film helps actors increase the number of auditions they receive for short films, feature films and commercials.

We accomplish this by offering free casting space to filmmakers and then requiring these filmmakers to audition members that subscribe to HCandF,” said Co-founder Vinay Bhagat.

HCandF also offers acting classes and workshops for actors, as well as auditions and a variety of projects to choose from.

Filmmakers interested in taking on this opportunity are more than welcome to create an account with HCandF.

Once filmmakers create an account, they can begin posting film projects. HCandF offers filmmakers the opportunity to give authentic feedback to actors whom they feel compelled to do so.

Also access to recorded auditions and access to a green screen studio.

Actors can create online profiles, upload demo reels and submit an unlimited number of auditions.

HCandF provides actors a monthly membership, which include casting notices, the opportunity to view audition videos online that have notes from a professional coach, a one-minute actor’s monologue and a personalized website.

Sunny Vachher, co-founder as well, said “We help actors get more auditions and we also produce our own short films and exclusively cast our own members in these productions.”

In addition, according to the Hollywood Casting and Film Blog, HCandF has recently partnered up with The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) and NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA).

This means that filmmakers and actors will get the opportunity to attend events throughout the year that will have workshops, roundtables, Q&A;’s and presentations from industry leaders.

One of the workshops will include presentations from Chuck Vinson, who was the former director of Last Comic Standing and independent filmmaker Phil Leirness.

Future plans for HCandF include, “Expanding our services to the rest of the nation, meaning that actors will be able to sign-up for services in every city in the U.S. This national launch should be happening in the next two months,” Vinay said

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