Cerritos College hosts art gallery double feature.

Rob Flores

Director and Curator of Cerritos College Art James MacDevitt has worked hard to get a variety of art pieces for this upcoming Art Gallery.

There will be two Art Galleries taking place. One at Cerritos Opening next Tuesday August 25 and the other at the South Bay Contemporary in San Pedro September 3 2015 both of which begin at 6 p.m.

MacDevitt stated “They are all professional artists (nearly all with MFA degrees). Many are college professors. Most are local to LA, but a few are from elsewhere, including San Diego, Santa Barbara, Portland, Austin, New Jersey, and London. Almost all the artists have websites that describe their backgrounds and work themes, so I would recommend going to Google and searching for them by name to see their websites (which will include resumes/CVs, pictures of other works, artist statements, contact info, etc),” MacDevitt stated.

The following are the list of Artists work that will be on display at the Cerritos Art Gallery; (Brian Bulfer, Jake Dotson, Dawn Ertl, Laurie Frick, Helen Rebekah Garber, Kysa Johnson, David Leapman, Rona Lee, Karen Lofgren, Melissa Manfull,Emery C Martin, Khang Bao Ngyuen, Carrie Paterson, Brian Porray, Brendan Threadgill, Dani Tull)

The Following is the list of Artists for the show in San Pedro; (Lynn Aldrich, Sean Higgins, Curt D Miller, David O’Brien, Christopher O’ Leary , Christopher Pate, Debra Scacco, Lisa Schulte, Nichole Speciale, Christian Tedeschi, Kyle J Thompson, Shannon WIllis , Zaid Yousef)

The Cerritos Gallery will end September 24 and the San Pedro Gallery will end October 10.

Erica Figueroa , Gallery Aide/Technician for almost two years talked about some of the art work. She went on to explain the artist wanted the viewer to be able to imagine the length of a road trip .

Another artist sewed materials together to symbolize the patterns of the weather.

Hagop Najarian, Drawing and Painting Professor of 15 years, provided his thoughts finds the art to be very interesting and appreciates the diversity.

“As a painter it’s interesting exhibition with a variety of techniques a lot of collage and more. People see contemporary art and should look and enjoy . Its complex and simple depends on your experience on interactive art its not just a painting it can inspire people.” He went on to add; ” Mapping is a form of art that really got popular in the 90s early 2000s. It’s overload its not how it used to be where people would splatter paint , its interesting.”

The Art Gallery Opening night, August 25, hosts a reception where everyone can appreciate the art and meet the artists who attend.