Lady Dynamite season two loses plot

Benjamin Garcia

Netflix dropped season two of the hit original series Lady Dynamite starring comedian Maria Bamford — which is carried solely by her strings of bits and celebrity cameos.

Whether it was on purpose or by accident, the final episode’s title, “Little Manila,” may or may not be a double entendre for hypomania — and bipolar fans everywhere can be grateful for that.

However, the various jarring twists and turns that the plot receives is too distracting and one has to wonder if it is on purpose that the audience has a hard time following along.

For example, a crippled goat is introduced as the Bamford family pet — this goat was not present in season one, nor is it present in any of Bamford’s stand-up routines. Of course, there is room for suspension of disbelief — but the goat serves no purpose!

Similar to the goat, the more real and intimate moments the main character has with her husband and friends are often abruptly interrupted by rather off-putting visions of the future.

Yes, the future is a device to discuss sexism in Hollywood; however, it is beyond disorienting and not at all similar to what mania is like — all of the absurdity is going on in the external world, unlike in season one when she uses the Super Grisham to beat up Mark McGrath.

As said before, the season’s saving grace is the fact that it is at least ten times more daring with its humor; this is illustrated in the following jokes:

  • When Scott Marvel Casssidy (played by Scott Marvel Casssidy) says that there is nothing worse that a comedian can do than steal another comedian’s joke, Bamford says “I think rape is the worst thing,” to which the female pug Blueberry (voiced by Bamford) comments, “Dangerous territory.”
  • The presence of incest among the characters; such as when Karl Grisham (played by Jason Mantzoukas) comments on his incestuous relationship with his twin sister, saying, “She shares the exact same DNA as me; sometimes a little bit extra, if you know what I mean.”
  • Maria’s best friend and assistant Larissa (played by Lemon Parham)’s eccentricities

Though this season is focused on Maria’s career and love life, the friends and family of the main character have some great bits.

Larissa wants to tear up Bamford’s hardwood floor because she believes there is the ghost of a Civil War general trapped below.

When Bamford asks her — as her assistant — what is on her schedule and Larissa, interpreting the question as Maria asking Larissa to use her psychic abilities and see into the future, takes out her runes to toss and then screams at whatever they are saying.

Later in the season, Maria and Scott offend Larissa so she has her spiritual surrogate come to them. He proceeds to say that Larissa told him to let Maria and Scott know that for the next couple days she will be in seance mode so that she can talk to people who are “dead to her.”

Another redeeming quality is that in the first five minutes of the show, the audience sees Bamford’s nipples.

Altogether, this show feels like one giant filler episode and I really hope that Netflix doesn’t cancel it.