A truly note-worthy concert

Edgar Mendoza, Staff Writer

The Cerritos College Music Department and the Associated Students presented the Band and Orchestra Exchange Concert on Monday, providing a truly immersive experience reminiscent of a concert hall, all for free.

The event was overseen by Dr. David Betancourt, director of bands and orchestra at Cerritos College. The concert featured the Paramount High School Symphony Orchestra, Cerritos College Orchestra, Artesia High School Wind Ensemble as well as the Cerritos College Band.

Dr. Betancourt stated the event was a great way to bring people together, noting that because the event was free, price was not a barrier for anyone.

This was evident in the number of attendees, as the student center was full to the brim with both people from the surrounding area and everyday students from our own campus.

For those new to the world of orchestra, the experience served as a great introduction, and for those well versed in music, the event was every bit as impressive as the grand productions that normally cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.

Each group painted a picture with their music, which ranged from riveting Spaniard tunes that invoked images of the brave matadors, to cheery Turkish folk tunes which left the audience moving with the rhythm.

As stated by Mr. Alan J Hallback, the Cerritos College Orchestra conductor, “We want to share live music with not just the community, but with the student body as well.”

As the night went on, even the students who were there long before the event began started to put aside their phones and be captivated by the music that resonated through the student center.

Those in the audience were treated to passionate musicians who genuinely cared about the performance they were putting on. Every note was played with care, and that care was increasingly evident as time progressed.

One such musician was Destiny Salazar, a member of the Cerritos Orchestra, who when asked about how she viewed the event stated, “It gives people a chance to experience different types of music they wouldn’t otherwise see.”

For those looking for new types of music, they are encouraged to attend events such as these, as this was only the first of the Spring 2019 Music Concerts offered by Cerritos College.

Future events will include a Spring Jazz Concert on March 13, and two Piano Concert Lecture Series later in the month. All events will be free and on campus , providing the community with a fun, fresh experience.