PTK accepts book donations

Ernesto Gomez

Orange and green cardboard boxes adorn the entrances to the Student Center and the library at Cerritos College, urging students to donate books they no longer have a need for.

Phi Theta Kappa sponsors the program and it has done so for the past few years.

Dr. David Young, Phi Theta Kappa advisor, states that the books are recycled not for monetary purposes, but because that way they don’t end up in a landfill.

The idea for the book donation drop boxes began when Phi Theta Kappa attended a conference in Seattle a few years ago, and the officers were first exposed to it.

“They were really excited about it,” Young said, “and Nidia Barrios has continued to move forward with is as a tradition for Phi Theta Kappa.”

Young states that it is a really good cause and even though they don’t get any more than $40 or $50 a year for it, the real reward is the value that is added to people’s lives.

The boxes have different slogans written on them.

The one placed next to the Student Center entrance says, “Put books here,” and it has an asterisk next to it. Below, there is another asterisk, followed by “Please do not puke in this box. (Unless your stomach is full of books.)”