Bookstore convenient online

Daisy Garcia

Summer sessions are just around the corner starting May 26.

It would probably be a good time to buy books.
Cerritos College has a convenient way to buy books online for students at its Web site.
At, according to the bookstore manager, Paul Flovick, students can just go one the school Web site to purchase textbooks directly from the school.
“We had it for the entire eight years we have been here. You can process the order to our store; we can either ship it out to the address or the student can just pick it up directly from the store,” Flovick states.
A student can simply just order the textbooks online, show an I.D., and pick up the books at the store; thus, saving time.
“I’ll rather them ship to my house since I live far away,” says Andrew Salcido, undecided major.
“It’s nice to know the option is there for students,” shared Eddie Smith, anthropology major.
This is good way for students to save time from the long lines in the beginning of the semester.
“The more students buy books online, the shorter the lines will be during rush week,” Flovick says.