Motorcycle lessons offered at Cerritos

Bobby Chichester

The Community Education Department of Cerritos College is offering motorcycle classes to students who meet the requirements.

The class is open to all students who have a current permit, license or 30-hour Driver’s Education certificate.

The students need to be legally allowed to drive on the road.

The class is ongoing all year long.

“The class is $250 for students 21 and older and $150 for students under 21,”  Andrea Andrade, a receptionist at the Community Education building, said.

The class is three days and is spread out over two weekends.

“Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a DL389 certificate that will waive the motorcycle riding test at the DMV.  It is mandatory by the DMV for students under 21 years old to successfully pass this course to get a Class M (motorcycle) license,” Robin Preece, overseer of the program, said.

There is no set instructor.

The class is taught by a RiderCoach, and all RiderCoaches are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which in turn is approved by the California Highway Patrol.

The class itself requires physical stamina, motor coordination and mental alertness.

The class itself is both lecture and practical.

There are riding portions of the class in two ranges, both in lot C-10 on campus.

Motorcycles and helmets are provided by the instructor.

One can register for the class or find more information at