Cerritos Library Club lends hand to ESL students with Book Reading Project

Jimmy Edwards-Turner

When one thinks of a library club, the first thing to come to mind is a few students in a quiet room reading quietly.


This is not the case with Cerritos College’s Library Club.


Currently headed by club President Enrique Siliezar, geography major, the Library Club has looked to enrich minds and give back to the school’s community in a positive way since its inception in 2009.


One method of positive contribution it has taken is the club’s ESL Book Reading Project.


Started last semester, the program invites ESL students to join the Library Club in reading a book for each month.


“[The ESL bookreading] is for the sake of those ESL students who are having a hard time with the transition to English,” said Monica Lopez, co-adviser of the club.


Siliezar adds, “We try to help with the small, negligible details of English.


“[An ESL student] will ask, ‘What’s a “ragamuffin”?’ and we can help explain these nuances to them.”


The Library Club does provide a service the entire student body can take advantage of: dirt-cheap books.


“Our book sale is a major fundraiser,” Lopez stated. “We sell books for as low as $1 and some of them are textbooks being used by students right now.”


The book sale averages about $500 made each semester for the club, according to Siliezar, and will feature around 800 books this semester.


This semester’s book sale will be on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.