‘Reflections’ is an enjoyable quick read

Daisy Garcia

“Reflections of the Other Me” by Susie Night was an enjoyable read for a person on the go.

This is the first book written by Susie Night.

The language is very simple to read and the story is less than 100 pages in length.

Though the story was very simple, it does not take away from the fact it was pleasurable to read.

The book takes place in the country where the Mckain family had just come from the city.

Stanley has trouble fitting in but his life takes a turn after he discovers a mystery mirror in his bedroom.

As soon as he touches it, he now enters a world where is more than he ever dreamed he could be, but at what cost?

Anyone can easily relate to Stanley position. 

He’s the new kid in school, a bit awkward looking, and he does not have many friends.

It is only going to be understandable that he needs to find an outlet of some sort.

The book, like I mentioned before, is not very complicated to understand.

This tale is perfect for the person who does not have time for a large 300-page novel.

It also keeps the reader asking for more.

The book is avaible to purchase on Amazon.com and Target.com.

For more information, go to www.myspace.com/reflectionsoftheotherme.