‘Coraline’ enjoyable for all

Daisy Garcia

“Coraline” is a memorable modern fairytale.
It is a movie that the whole family can enjoy, no matter what age.
Especially since it was much more fun to watch it in 3D.
The characters popped up at the right moments and the effects were not cheesy.
Henry Selick, director of “Nightmare Before Christmas” did a great job interpreting Neil Gaiman’s novel, “Coraline.”
Selick takes the audience into a distorted “Alice in Wonderland” type world.
If anyone was to have knowledge of Neil Gaiman’s work, they would know that Gaiman tends to create twisted worlds such the “Sandman” comic book series.
In this wild tale, the protagonist, Coraline, is a young girl who just moved into a new house.
Coraline is not too fond of her new home and it does not help that her parents are not paying attention to her.
When she discovers a secret door, an alternative version of Coraline’s world appears where her “other parents” live.
On the surface, it looks like just Coraline’s typical home.
But unlike Coraline’s home, this is much better.
Nevertheless, there is always a price for this paradise.
If Coraline wants to stay with her “other mother,” she must renounce her real family and much more.
The audience might be on its toes when the characters of the film pop out of nowhere.
Not to mention, people will never forget the eccentric and wacky mannerism that the characters bring to the film.
For example, a former ring leader and his jumping mice.
Anyone can enjoy this movie, even college students.
Once someone watches this film, he or she will never look at buttons or thread the same way again.