Lamb of God’s new album one to worship

Gustavo Rangel

“Wrath” the newest album from Lamb of God. It was released on Feb. 24.

This album is a sequel to the previous release, “Sacrament.”

If you’re a fan of Lamb of God and expect a change in its music due the change of record companies, you’re wrong!

The instrumentals in this album is one to worship.

It brings back the true meaning of metal.

It’s a reminder of the earlier Metallica.

In the album are 11 tracks and three bonus tracks. They are:

  • “The Passing,”
  • “In your Words,”
  • “Set to Fail,”
  • “Contractor,”
  • “Fake Messiah,”
  • “Grace,”
  • “Broken Hands,”
  • “Dead Seeds,”
  • “Everything to Nothing,”
  • “Choke Sermon,”
  • “Reclamation,”
  • “We Die Alone” (USB Bonus Track),
  • “Shoulder of your God” (USB Bonus Track) and
  • “Condem the Hive” (Japanese Bonus Track).

The vocals are just epic from the original voice that pulled this small band from Virginia to the big league.

Lyrics to these songs make you ask, “What is this guy on?” and “What was running through his mind when he wrote these songs?”

But like any other of its songs, it just makes you want to go out and hit random people.

This CD was just an epic dream, an orgasmic tune for anyone who enjoys the true sound of metal.

It’s just a toe-tapping, head-banging, person-hitting album that you will be grateful to the rock gods for unleashing upon us.

I give this CD a perfect score of 5 out of 5.