‘Tokyo Sonata’ good in all ways

Celia Lira

Tokyo Sonata has something for everyone. It has drama and it’s also really funny at times.

I really liked the film; it would have me engaged on the seriousness of issues and have me burst out laughing on the next scene at some silly twist.

The film really took me in to the lives of these four individuals that even though they are family they are strangers to one another.

The director brings you into the communication issues of this family of four, when the father loses his job and doesn’t tell his wife, the whole family starts to fall apart. The four of them have a secret.

The film won a Jury Award at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

The film is 119 minutes long. It can get a little slow at times but it keeps you thinking one thing is going to happen when totally the opposite is coming.

When the wife gets robbed at home and she ends up running away with the burglar for one night.

She has a little affair, and when you think that she is just going to leave her family and free herself, she comes back home and becomes the well-behaved wife and mother she always was.

This film gives you a look at the issues Japanese families in Tokyo face in their everyday lives, and the director goes to some extremes.

The director is best known for his horror genre films.

He referred to this film as a family drama but I think it’s not far from his traditional genre, he touches some really darks issues that Tokyo struggling families can face.

So if you feel like watching something different than your usual happy love story and don’t mind reading subtitles, then watch this film, it will open in Los Angeles on Friday.