‘Dragonball’ devolves from original anime

Gustavo Rangel

“Dragonball: Evolution,” based on the popular Japanese anime and manga, “Dragonball,” is the worst movie based on a graphic novel ever made.

For a movie being produced by Fox, it should have been a lot better. It did a great job with the “X-Men” movies.

What was the problem with “Dragonball,” and why did they mess up the storyline so badly?

The movie centers around the life of a teenage boy named Son Goku (Justin Chatwin) and his jouney to collect the seven Dragonballs, and defeat the evil Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) by banishing him with the wish of Shenlong when the Dragonballs have been gathered and the chant has been said.

The errors in this movie were very indescreet.

First of all, in the original story, Goku never went to school and was never picked on.

Bulma (Emma Russum) had blue hair, and the race of Piccolo was the “Namekians” not “Nemekians.”

Many of the main characters were missing such as Tien, Krillin, and all of the anthopomorphic creatures (i.e. Turtle, Oolong and Puar).

I am, however, surprised it got the capsules down pretty good, and the flying vehicles.

Besides that, there was not a single good thing about this movie.

The special effects on the ki blasts, like the Kamehameha, were horrible. They looked Photoshopped.

To have a little comedy in this movie would have been nice, afterall it is one of the anime’s subgenres.

But I must admit, if this was named something else, and not based on “Dragonball” or anything relevant to it, this would have been at least halfway decent.

As a Dragonball fan, I found this movie offensive on many levels, I felt deeply offended by the film and after seeing it, I have been saddened.

I give this movie a sincere 5 thumbs down.