Cast does great with ‘Company’

Ernesto Gomez

“I do.”

These are the two words that the protagonist of “The Company, ” Bobby, has yet to hear.

A 30-year-old bachelor, Bobby has strayed from marriage, all the while his closest friends are getting hitched.

The show, based on a book by George Furth and with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, won the 1971 Tony and Drama Desk awards as best musical.

And now it is being portrayed by the Cerritos College Theater Department.

Bobby, played by Steven Jones, connects with the rest of the cast as he struggles to find “the one.”

Jones does a great job of encompassing the bachelor who is going downhill of his prime.

There are a series of scenes where Bobby weighs the pros and cons of marriage after seeing the lives his friends are living.

In one scene, a couple has a drunken karate match with him watching, and in another, he joins a different couple in a comic pot-smoking session filled with laughs deep conversations.

The cast does a great job of interpreting the songs.

In one scene where a couple is about to get married, Amy, played by Courtney Stokes, gets wedding day jitters.

She lets it be known to the audience that she has no intention of getting married through a rapid-fire song showing her anxiety.

Other cast members, such as Jenny, played by Nika Cardenas, sing in a very opera-esque way that is sure to send chills down your spine.

The songs in this musical, while comical at times, make perfect sense in retrospect.

“Sorry-grateful” talks about life after marriage, while “Another 100 strangers” talks about the difficulty of finding the right one, especially in a big city.

The play is set in present-day, so many of the viewers might be able to relate to the struggles Bobby and other characters face, such as being a bored husband, an anxious bride-to-be or wondering if your pal might be secretly gay and attracted to you.