Iron Maidens review#

Rosie Hernandez

“This feels like a dinner party, classy,” said Sara, lead singer from the Iron Maidens, an all-female tribute band to Iron Maiden.

The Iron Maidens’ performance at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet on Aug. 28 was great.

The show was rockin’, I thought, until I saw the expression on the spectators’ faces.

They had “blah” all over their faces sitting there as if these “rockin’ roll chicks” sang in Japanese!

Though this didn’t bring this loud and tough bunch of women down.

These women played harder, sang harder, and slammed their feet so hard to the ground the floor shook.

They had so much energy, and the hat one of the members of the band had read, “White Trash” had alot to talk about.

One old man, maybe In his late 60s, felt like it was racist and began nagging about the band’s “terrible” performance.

I thought otherwise, it played non-stop and Sara had a great voice that fit this “rock” slash “metallic” genre.

Few spectators stayed throughout the performance, many didn’t enjoy it but the Iron Maidens kept playing and had the time of its life, jumping and using the whole stage.

The members were bumping their heads front and back had me nodding my head.

This women band was talented, the night could not have been better, maybe these people were just deaf!