Jay-Z gives you the Blueprint

Sobukwe Ramsey

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has once again dropped a classic album for the ages.

The most anticipated album in two years for me, “The Blueprint 3” delivered the lyrics needed and timeless instrumentals from some of the best producers in music today to make a finished product that I will play well in to my 40s.

Jay-Z gave the world a small hint of what was to come with his first hit single from the new album, DOA (Death of Auto tune).

The heavily-critized song speaks to the so-called artists in hip-hop today who chose to include the voice box in their music.

It speaks to the person making terrible music that does not stick to the art of real music and finds auto tune to be cool and creative.

With great word-for-word lyrics, slick punch lines, and a phenomenal instrumental, DOA hopefully destroyed auto tune.

The Blueprint 3 has about six classic tracks out of the 15 on the album.

Not to say the other songs aren’t good but Jay-Z just didn’t have the complete melting pot needed in making a classic song.

If you are a true hip-hop fan, you will play this album in your CD player for the next two weeks.

I must say that although the album was what I expected, it was not Jay-Z’s best body of work but it is definitely an acceptable work.

Jay-Z also introduces us to a very talented new artist he just signed to Roc Nation named J. Cole.

Cole is featured on the track “A Star is Born” in which he delivers a few bars of heat just to give us a taste of what’s to come.

One major issue I had with the album was the use of new artist Drake whom, is used for the hook of the song ”Off that.”

The usual team of Jay-Z and the Neptunes has once again showed why they have had so much success together on songs.

The track, “So Ambitious” featuring Pharrell is the best song on the album with the smooth instrumental from the Neptunes and the story telling lyrics of Jay.

Lastly, two bright spots which need to be continued with albums to come from Jay-Z, were the use of Alica Keys who made “Empire State of Mind” such timeless song.

Kid Cudi who is a newly signed talent with Kanye West, made an appearance on the classic hit “Already Home.”

Overall, Jay-Z has used his same team of producers and has succeeded in creating a classic body of work in “The Blueprint 3.”