Kingston returns with big hit

Jesus Ruiz

Sean Kingston, the Jamaican American reggae singer, delivers us “Tomorrow,” the slick successor to his debut album that brought him fame when he was only 17-years-old.

Now two years later, Kingston is back with more to offer with his new albums that reaches different ranges of sound that brings good beats to these estranged ears.

The smooth rhythm of the music just made me want to close my eyes, lay back and listen as well as dance to the beat.

Just listening to the music, you can hear how far this young rising artist has come since his debut, incorporating the reggae fusion of music.

The 19-year-old Kingston demonstrates he knows how to lead the party on the hit single “Fire Burning,” the lead single to the amazing album.

The lead single from the singer’s new album which made its release in April, has already peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 of Billboard.

No matter how you feel, the album delivers the right feel to any situation.

If you feel in the need get on the dance floor, Kingston delivers “Fire Burning,” with its straight up techno dance jam.

If you’d like to just sit down and chill, then my favorite hit of the album “Tomorrow,” is the right song for you.

With 14 different tracks to listen to, you will not be disappointed when you head to the stores to buy the new album.

The amazing album is worth buying.

Even if you just want to listen to these amazing beats, it’s worth stopping to listen to the album as it explores sounds of electro pop, reggae and pop music, and even a little soft rock in “Shoulda Let Go.”

Kingston has created a work with help of those involved in the album including the multi-platinum musician, Wyclef Jean in “Ice Cream Girl,” and the American rock band Good Charlotte in “Shoulda Let Go.”

Under the brand of Beluga Heights and Epic Records and the array of producers on board including recent U2 collaborator Fernando Garibay, Kingston separates himself through his sound and delivers music that everyone can appreciate.

You will get a variety of music with just this album, starting off with catchy club tunes like “Fire Burning,” but quickly move into a more chilled out, old school Jamaican vibe.

So either if you’re a fan or just new to the music, you may want to take a listen because Kingston has successfully delivered the goods he has to offer a second time around.