Three Days Grace ‘over and over’ again

Gustavo Rangel

Three Days Grace released a new CD on Sept. 22 under the title, Life Starts Now.

Life Starts Now was released under Jive Records, and is the third studio album from Three Days Grace.

This CD isn’t a change from its earlier work, pretty much the same angst songs about how hard life can be.

TDG never was one of my favorite bands, but now seeing this new album, I’m glad I never got too into them.

I can’t say anything good about this album.

I liked the the last two albums, but not its first, under the name Groundswell.

A bit of tweaking with the guitar riffs or drum beats would have been nice, but TDG had to use the same things over and over.

After track 1, the other songs just seem like a waste of time to listen to, at least with the other albums the songs had a catchy tone.

This album has 12 tracks.

  • Bitter Taste

  • Break

  • World So Cold

  • Lost In You

  • The Good Life

  • No More

  • Last to Know

  • Someone Who Cares

  • Bully

  • Without You

  • Goin’ Down

  • Life Starts Now

After listening to this album, and then going back to the old ones, I have to say, wow TDG isn’t as good as I thought it was.I might even stop listening to them in total.

I have to give this CD a one star, sorry Three Days Grace, but consistency isn’t always a good thing.