Black Ink Crew is back and better than ever

Nicholas Johnson

Black Ink Crew: New York returned for their 6th season on Dec. 6 on VH1.

The full time cast features:

  • Ceasar Emanuel: The only original cast member is known for Dutchess Lattimore’s ex-boyfriend and a fling of Karlie Redd, who stars on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
  • Sky Days: Promoted to the main cast in season three after appearing as a recurring star for the first two seasons, is known to be loud and have an outrageous personality
  • Teddy Ruks: Sky’s ex-fiancee who was also promoted to the main cast in season three and Ceasar’s cousin is known to have a laid back personality and doesn’t hesitate too much
  • Donna Lombardi: Sky’s best friend, who recurred only for the third season before becoming a full time cast member in the four, is a former apprentice for Ceasar and has a sweet personality but is also a firecracker ready to explode at any chance there is.
  • Walt Miller: Has been recurring since the first season, is now finally a cast member is known for telling funny jokes but can be extremely lazy at times when it comes to helping others about getting tatted
  • Miss Kitty: A brand ambassador for Black Ink and happens to be Ceasar’s fling is known for her outspoken, explosive and tell-it-like-it-is personality
  • Young Bae: Works for Black Ink Crew has a tough exterior but is a softy deep down inside when it comes to her personal life and issues.

There are five recurring cast members who are tattoo artist at Black Ink:

  • Melody Mitchell
  • Kevin Laroy
  • Jadah Blue
  • The Vagina Slayer
  • Persuasian

The season started off with Ceasar announcing to the world that him and Dutchess broke up after a long toxic relationship and he throws a party to celebrate his new life being single.

Sky and Ceasar are in a new shop that is located in Atlanta and happens to live together under the same roof.

Ceasar decides to throw a pool party where all hell breaks loose when his ex Karlie shows up and throws a drink on him.

Things start to heat up when Miss KItty decides to jump in and come to Ceasar’s defense and security had to stop all the chaos before it got too crazy.

Sky is on a mission to reconnect with her sons but has trouble doing so as she has so much drama going on in the shop as well.

She mentioned how her sons do not respect her and hears an interview about what her youngest son said about her which breaks her heart.

This show is a must see for people who likes tattoos, interested in drama that can possibly lead to physical altercations as well and unexpected alliances too.

Viewers should expect a lot of physical altercations, an unforgettable trip to South Korea and friendships being put to the test as well.

Black Ink Crew: NY is aired every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. on VH1.