‘The Land of Steady Habits’ displays habits that are all too realistic

Elizabeth Corcoles, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Netflix’s original movie, “The Land of Steady Habits,” is filled with mediocre acting, but realistic scenarios in a higher end middle-class family.

The movie revolves around Anders Hill, played by Ben Mendelsohn, who portrays a wealthy, newly-retired divorcee who’s going through a midlife crisis.

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Hill’s family also plays a major role in the movie: the ex-wife, Helene Hill, played by Edie Falco, and his 27-year-old son, Preston Hill, played by Thomas Mann.

Anders, is a toxic and clueless man who is stuck in a self-destructive cycle and is taking casualties with him.

Mendelsohn’s acting is like watching a high school play: cringy and slightly awkward.

His presence is expendable and they certainly could have had someone who can fulfill the role.

Nonetheless it suits him, playing the awkward white dad who doesn’t know what he wants in life and doesn’t know how to act around his children.

Even so, the scenarios that are played out through the movie are believable, but mostly if you’re a well-off, high middle-class family.

Rehab and coping with the loss of a child are also themes of the movie.

While, Preston is trying to get himself together Helene, his mother, feels that he should have a place of his own and kicks him out.

Although, Preston has toxic qualities of his own, Helene is no saint and should have stuck by her son.

Mann’s portrayal of a troubled man is believable and entertaining.

Seeing Mann play the role of a “struggling” young adult, relates to many young adults who don’t necessarily have a support system.

Although, Mann’s character, Preston, has a support system, he is left in the dark by his parents when he needed them the most.

While Ander’s behavior has a domino effect on the people surrounding him, it is hard to not think about the consequences people’s actions have on others.

The overall plot is parents being in denial about their children, as well as not reaching out and expressing themselves.

Mendelsohn’s character is relatable in the sense that many people today don’t know what they want in their lives and just take and take, but leave their toxic energy.

Hill may have been a shit dad and husband, but it makes the viewers realize that even though someone may be older, they are certainly not wiser and will continue to make bad choices.