Bad Boys return for another mission


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MADRID, SPAIN – JANUARY 08: Actors Will Smith (R) and Martin Lawrence (L) attend ‘Bad Boys For Life’ photocall at the Villamagna Hotel on January 08, 2020 in Madrid, Spain.

Rocio Valdez, A&E Editor

Mike, played by Will Smith, and Marcus, played by Martin Lawrence, return in “Bad Boys for Life” to take on another mission that is entertaining and funny for all.

“Bad Boys for Life” is the third film of the franchise that started in 1995, filled with action and comedy, starring two police officers who, besides from working together, are best friends that take down criminals while being entertaining to the audience with their reckless and comical behavior.

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The movie included well-known Hispanic/Latin artists and actors like Kate del Castillo and Latin trap singer, Nicky Jam, which appealed to the Hispanic/Latin community. It also featured a special appearance by DJ Khalid.

The movie starts immediately with action as Mike is speeding in his blue Porsche and Marcus is holding on for dear life, but this time they were in a mission to get to the hospital for the birth of Marcus’s granddaughter. An emotional, crying Marcus carries his granddaughter and declares he is now a “Pop-Pop” a.k.a a grandpa.

Meanwhile in Mexico, an ominous woman by the name of Isabel Aretas, played by Mexican actress, Kate del Castillo, executes her escape from prison and is able to reunite with her son Armando, Jacob Scipio, who assisted her with her escape plan.

Isabel gives instructions to her son to murder everyone who was involved with her arrest and killed her husband but tells him specifically to murder Mike last.

Marcus explains to Mike how he is starting to feel too old for the job and now wants to retire to spend time with his family and wife, but Mike doesn’t take that well and, as they are out celebrating the fact that Marcus is now a grandpa, Mike proposes a foot race. If he wins, he can retire.

As Mike and Marcus are racing, an unidentified individual riding a motorcycle -revealed to the audience to be Armando- shoots Mike, leaving him in serious condition.

Marcus prayed to God to save his best friend and promised that in return he will stop causing violence. After a couple months Mike recovered and made it to Marcus’ daughter’s wedding in which Michael Bay, director of the first two Bad Boys movies, makes a cameo as the host of the ceremony.

Mike wanted revenge and therefore be part of the investigation in capturing whoever shot him. Meanwhile, Armando was assassinating every target with extreme precession including Captain Howard, Joe Pantoliano, which provoked Mike and influenced Marcus to join the investigation.

Miami PD’S elite team, AMMO, run by Rita, Paola Nunez, Mike’s ex-girlfriend, and consisted of Mike, Marcus, Kelly, Vanessa Hudgens, Rafe, Charles Melton, and Dorn and Alexander Ludwig. With great hacking skills and with arms that rival those of a superhero, they began tracking down the suspect with drones and hacking technology.

It did not take long for Mike to dismiss all of those gentle approaches and took action just like he does it best: with violence.

The story took a twist when Mike found Armando’s identity and tracked him to find out he is the son of his old love flame, Isabel, that he met while being undercover.

She taught him what he knows about the cartel business which made him a successful cop. According to Mike she is known as “la bruja,” the witch, and based on some calculations, Mike knows Armando is his son. Marcus shockingly replies, “so you’re telling me you f****** a married witch!?”

When they finally get to be face-to-face, Isabel confesses Armando is indeed Mike’s son and in a rigid battle, Isabel dies and Armando has to face the consequences for all the murders but Mike promises he will be there for him from now on.

Mike and Marcus end another successful mission by cheering, “We ride together, we die together, Bad Boys for Life!”

Bad Boys for Life is overall a great movie that will keep you laughing and entertained. Stay tuned for Bad Boys 4.

The movie gets a 4/5 stars.