The Big Band Era

The Big Band Era

In this generation, most twenty-one year olds are into music that makes no sense. Well a good

percentage of them. For Gabby Varela the music she listens to is a shocker to this young generation

and not to mention that she has her own radio show with the music she has so much passion for.

I spoke with Gabby Varela about her preference of music and her radio show.

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Demo: Hey, this Demo Aquino and im reporting and right now I have a special guest with me and her

name is Gabby Varela also known as Peggy Sue. How are you doing Peggy?

Gabby: Good and you?

Demo: Pretty good thank you.

Gabby: That’s good.

Demo: You just turned twenty-one correct?

Gabby: Yes.

Demo: The reason I got you to be my guest, is because you’re just an interesting person.

Gabby: No way!

Demo: Yeah you are, you definitely have a show on WPMD here at Cerritos College.

Gabby: Yes.

Demo: And, I just trip out at what kind of show you have. Let them know what your show is about.

Gabby: My show is about thirties, forties, and fifties music. It’s the big band era and the rag time era

and rock and roll music. So, it’s a pretty diverse show, but, I love it it’s so different.

Demo: But why did you choose to have that kind of show? I mean you are twenty-one years old and

I’m assuming that you will be more into the pop culture.

Gabby: Right.

Demo: But why that era?

Gabby: Well, my grandpa got me into Frank Sinatra

Demo: Ok

Gabby: And so, I love him and I wanted to do a show that would you know have people get to know


Demo: Ok

Gabby: So, I just wanted to bring on to every bodies horizons.

Demo: And this is something because of your grandpa, so, he influenced you with his music?

Gabby: Yes.

Demo: Frank Sinatra, is that like your favorite artist?

Gabby: Yes he is.

Demo: Is that because your grandfather introduced you to him? Or just as you know listening to

music from that era that caught your attention, him as an artist?

Gabby: Well both, I mean it connects my grandpa and my grandpa passed, and so, you know I feel like

I have that connection through him and I got to know him more and I got to know more of his songs

and who he would play with like The Glen Miller Band or Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, so, it was pretty

interesting to me, so, I grew on what my grandpa had already taught me.

Demo: And how old were you when this happened?

Gabby: About ten years old.

Demo: Ten years old.

Gabby: Yes.

Demo: So you know basically the whole story of Frank Sinatra, so, you have a good sense of what he

was about.

Gabby: Yes, I do.

Demo: Okay. Is there something outhere that people don’t know like Frank Sinatra fans that might

not know that you know?

Gabby: Um, Frank Sinatra was a singing waiter he started off there that was his first job and maybe

when he was born his grandmother put him under cold water because he was born still born and

so she was trying to wake him up but damaged his ear drum. So for a singer to have a damaged ear

drum and sound the way he sounded that was amazing.

Demo: wow!