Off the Field 10/21

Transcribed by: Jonathan Gonzalez

Derrick: Hello and welcome to off the field. I’m Derrick.

Jonathan: I’m Jonathan

Randy: I’m Randy

Derrick: And today Randy’s going to join us for this podcast. Did you guys watch any football? Any football?

Jonathan: Yeah I watched the Raiders and the Packers at 10am that was a pretty bad game for the Raiders.

Randy: Absolutely bad for the Raiders.  Yeah, Aaron Rodgers was just unstoppable.

Jonathan: Yeah, I think the Raiders facing off against a good quarterback finally proves you know that the Raiders defense needs a lot of work. Because Rodgers wasn’t even pressured he was easily able to throw wherever he wanted to. So he ended up with six touchdowns total.  And even for throwing 429 yards.

Derrick: Damn. What game Oh, um, let’s go back to Thursday night. Did you watch the game?

Jonathan: Yeah, I saw Patrick mahomes actually-

Derrick: Do you think he should have played or should have been kept out?

Jonathan: For the rest of the game or once he got hurt?

Derrick: no remember he got hurt the past week and Sunday, one of his teammates stepped on his ankle.  And then I guess he been practicing hurt and then let’s still play them.

Jonathan: Yeah, the only thing is, I mean, I guess it was okay that they played him just because he hurt his knee.  He didn’t hurt his ankle again. So I mean, he it’s like, it’s like, if someone hurts their ankle, and then they go in there and like hurt their shoulder. I mean, it’s a different injury.  So yeah, no, it’s fine that they played. I just think the play call was wrong. I don’t know why they would go for QB sneak right there on fourth and one.

Derrick: Yeah, that’s true.

Randy: That was that was that was probably one of the worst injuries I’ve seen.  But also the Rams got back to winning ways after three consecutive defeats.

Derrick: Yeah, you saw that game?

Jonathan: Yeah, what do you think? Did you think they look good or you think Falcons were just like really bad?

Derrick: Falcons look horrible 

Jonathan: Yeah, I agree

Derrick: What’s your favorite team Randy?

Randy: My team is the LA Rams so I was pretty happy to see him go back to winning ways.

Derrick: My team is the Cowboys

Randy: Oh, that was an easy win

Jonathan: You guys looked good against the Eagles on Sunday Night.

Derrick: What’s your team again?

Jonathan: I’m a Raiders fan, we’re three and three so I hope we can-

Derrick: I’ve been telling Jenkins you guys need a new Quarterback.

Jonathan: Really think so?  I thought he had a good game.  I think it was just our defense got exposed for what they are. And Carr did have some bad decisions though.  He fumbled in the end zone again resulting in a touchback just like versus the Cowboys on Thanksgiving two years ago.

Derrick: Aw, yeah

Jonathan: Exact same thing happened. So instead of running the ball with Josh Jacobs our powerhouse they decided for Carr to go.

Derrick: let’s talk about the NBA and then we go into soccer a little bit. And yeah, I mean we got the two two best teams in LA. 

Randy: So yeah, it’s gonna look good. 

Derrick: I mean for the Lakers to beat the Warriors three times in postseason?

Jonathan: Yeah, I mean I don’t like to take preseason too much into thought.

Derrick: Yeah

Jonathan:  Because like LeBron and Anthony Davis though we’re only playing the first half of the games. Curry curry is playing like one or two quarters only so we don’t get to see the teams at their full potential but they still look pretty good for what they did play think LeBron and Anthony Davis are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Randy: Absolutely, absolutely. And then the Clippers they have kawhi Leonard and Paul George.Yeah, they’re going to have a really good season. I think My opinion so I think the two teams of La may make the playoffs and who knows maybe, just maybe we’ll see them in the playoffs facing each other.

Jonathan: Who do you think finishes off with a better record? Lakers or Clippers?

Derrick: I’m going with Lakers

Jonathan: Lakers?

Randy: Yeah I think this is a comeback season for the Lakers

Derrick: We have a good coach

Jonathan: Frank Vogel. I hope the Lakers have a good year. But really realistically I’m expecting them to finish third or fourth seed in the West. I’m not too sure if they’ll be able to take the first or second seed.

Derrick: That means we still make it 

Jonathan: Yeah still playoffs I just don’t know if the chemistry is all there compared to teams like the Denver Nuggets, finished with one of the best records last year and they haven’t really lost anybody. I don’t know, they look pretty good.

Derrick: What about Golden State

Jonathan: I don’t know I mean Thompson’s out for the year I think they’re maybe going to finish sixth or seventh in the West, barely qualifying. What about the Eastern Conference? Who do you think is the team to beat?

Derrick: I don’t know because the Pelicans are looking pretty good.

Randy: What about the Raptors?

Jonathan: The Pelicans are in the West I believe

Derrick: Oh, yes

Jonathan: Yeah, Pelicans are in the west, I think the 76ers are always there. Ben Simmons is finally working on his three point shot.

Randy: I would say the Raptors since they are the defending champions, I think they’re the team to beat in the east. No questions asked.

Jonathan: Think so even though they lost Kawhi Leonard?

Randy: Yeah, I know.  They lost kawhi Leonard, but I mean, beating the defending champions is always something good.  If you’re in the NBA no matter what.

Jonathan: The Lakers who went back to back in 2009-2010.

Derrick: The Lakers are the last team to do the three peat.Milwaukee is looking pretty decent they haven’t lost a game in preseason.

Jonathan: What do you think about the Spurs? Now that they lost all of the big three. You think they’re rebuilding or what do you think they have here?

Derrick: You gotta rebuild. But now Tim Duncan is coaching with them.

Jonathan: He’s an assistant coach.

Derrick: So to me that’s a big guy coach right there.

Jonathan: What do you think about the Celtics?  You think they’re going to do better than last year or they just traded a got rid of Kyrie Irving and brought in Kemba Walker.

Derrick: They could they just have to rebuild around what he what he can do

Jonathan: What about Brooklyn? And Kyrie went over there. Kevin Durant’s out for the year again.

Derrick: Kind of iffy about that one.

Jonathan: It might go either way, but for now it’s clearly the Lakers and the Clippers are the favorites to take it all.

Derrick: So you guys want to go into some soccer?

Jonathan:  Okay, so MLS playoffs have been going on

Randy: yes they just started and there’s a new format I wanted to explain this, it’s a go big or go home kind of situation where the top seeds host and then the winner moves on. You either win in 90 minutes, the 30 extra time minutes or 120 total or you go to a penalty shootout and I like it personally because that way the players you know don’t have to play another game and get tired after playing two games and in the same series to be honest. Okay, yeah, my team Seattle, we had a tough game against FC Dallas, but we still got the win in extra time. There were some miscues on defense.  But at the end of the day, the Sounders took it at home, and they’ve never missed the playoffs. So that’s one thing to keep an eye on. My favorites are LAFC because they were the top of the West. They they were the best team in the whole league.

Derrick: So they actually play LAFC against the Galaxy?

Jonathan: Yeah, rivalry week here in LA.

Derrick: And then Sunday against Seattle.

Randy: Seattle, yeah. Seattle hosting RSL.That’s going to be a real tough game for Real Salt Lake, they just beat Seattle’s rival Portland.

Derrick: It’s the best of how many games?

Jonathan: Single Elimination

Randy: In the Semis, the Final, all the way to the MLS Cup. It’s not like before a home and away.

Derrick: So it’s only one game?

Randy: Yeah, go big or go home.

Derrick: I wish the NBA was like that.

Jonathan: In that case, baseball would be like that too.

Derrick: Who do you guys seeing coming out from both sides?

Jonathan: From New York City and Toronto I might have to go with New York City.

Randy: Yeah, they’re going to have home field advantage. Toronto yeah they beat DC united in extra time but the reality is and NYCFC have a really good chance of making it to the final. They probably will take on the defending MLS Cup Winners Atlanta united because Atlanta is going to be at home against Philadelphia union. And Atlanta they want to go back to back there would be the they would be the first team since the LA Galaxy back in 2012. If they do go back to back, to be honest, and in the West, I think LAFC and Seattle are going to be the the one Western Conference Finals.  So I think one and two from both sides.

Jonathan:  Yeah, I think finally LAFC is going to step up and beat the LA galaxy like they have been trying to do. Atlanta, I feel like Atlanta is going to beat Philadelphia, they didn’t look too strong.

Randy: They gave up three goals

Jonathan: Marco Fabian scored that game. It was a pretty lucky goal, it took a deflection.

Randy: Yeah, I took a deflection even JP Dellacamera said it during the broadcasts live that that they got the winner pretty lucky Philadelphia and it’s their first win ever in an MLS Cup playoff match, believe it or not. Really.  Yeah, they’ve been in the playoffs since 2011. And this is their first win ever.

Derrick: Nice

Randy: and the LA Galaxy by the way, just to just to add a little bit of they were the first and the only team to win away from home every other team won in their own home field. And I feel like LA Galaxy were the Favorites against Minnesota because, yeah, they have Zlatan Ibrahimovic who may leave after this season because he’s getting offers from Europe. And then at the same time, they have a great team despite their defensive errors. They had a great team.  They have Sebastian Lletget and Jonathan dos Santos getting a goal but yeah, Minnesota, I think left it a little bit late. They should have they should have won earlier. And yeah, that’s the truth. LA Galaxy, took care of business, takes care of business and gets the win. No question about it.

Jonathan: Yeah, Minnesota had a lot of chances to score they just couldn’t finish. They had 16 shots, only three on the goal. I was watching.I was just thinking to myself all night.  They should be making these shots. A lot of the shots were right in front of the goal, and they were just launching them high above the goal. They had them the whole game and then galaxy come in and score in the 71st minute and then score again, and the 75th minute, so there’s just Minnesota score too late 87, they didn’t have enough time to try and score some more.

Randy:  And to add to this, Minnesota we’re playing their first ever playoff game in just their third season. They weren an expansion side from 2017 just like Atlanta, but Atlanta figured it out after their first round elimination and 2017 the year after they won the MLS Cup at home in front of 72,000 fans a little more than that.

Derrick: Jesus

Randy: Yeah they play in the same stadium the Atlanta Falcons play in the Mercedes Benz Stadium.They play in the same state.

Derrick: Oh really?

Randy: Yeah

Jonathan: Nice Stadium

Randy: Totally nice stadium. Yeah I would love to see another playoff game there.

Derrick: Nice. So you want to go ahead and end the show today?

Jonathan: Okay, I was gonna say I just have one quick question for you. Who do you guys think is gonna win the World Series? You guys got the Nationals or the Astros?

Derrick: I was watching The Astros game and I was like, holy crap. I think the Astros will do it.

Randy: Same here,  I think the Astros they beat the Dodgers a couple years ago and I think they can do it again.

Jonathan:Yeah, I think Astros are favorites but I wouldn’t count the Nationals out just yet. They have people hitting on fire, like Rendon and Soto and then they start Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg to pitch for them. A pitching duel between them and Verlander, and Gerrit Cole. I feel like it could go either way.  Nationals have been unstoppable and they beat the Dodgers to gain momentum and then they swept the Cardinals and then look at them now they’re ready to go.

Randy: I think it’s probably going to end in seven games. This World Series might end in seven games.

Jonathan: I would not be surprised.

Derrick: It could be a sweep.

Jonathan: The player to watch out for is Howie Kendrick, the NLCS MVP. He has been on fire recently. I think he keeps it up. Okay, well, thank you for being with us. This has been off the field, I’m Jonathan.

Randy: I’m Randy

Derrick: And I’m Derrick. And we’ll see you guys next week. Thank you.