off the field 9/30

Jonathan Gonzalez and Derrick Coleman

Transcribed by: Jonathan Gonzalez

Derrick: Hey, hello, and welcome back to off the field. I’m Derrick

Jonathan: Im Jonathan

Derrick: How you doing Jonathan?

Jonathan: Good how about yourself?

Derrick: I’m good. I’m good. Did you get a chance to watch some NFL games this weekend?

Jonathan: Yes I actually did, I watched the Raiders and the Colts with Derek Carr against Jacoby Brissett.

Derrick: So what’s your take on that game?

Jonathan: I saw that the Raiders started off strong offensively. But the colts were missing a lot of players. They were really injured. So like Malik Hooker,the safety, T.Y Hilton they all did not play, so they were down a few people. But I still feel the Raiders came out on top playing better.

Derrick: Yeah I mean Derek Carr had what? He went 21 for 31 for 189 yards.

Jonathan: Yeah, he had some really good passes, I think at the beginning he started with only one incomplete pass throughout almost the whole first half.

Derrick: Wow. Did you see the hit though?

Jonathan: Which hit, the Vontaze Burfict?

Derrick: Yeah, man.

Jonathan: I felt that one looked dirty and I thought it was unintentional but it still came out the bad way just because Jack Doyle was going down. It made it look like Vontaze Burfict was going straight for his helmet.

Derrick: But he was though because if he was the guy, he was already down on the ground.

Jonathan: Yeah

Derrick: And then he just came in and WHAM.

Jonathan: My opinion is those other hits in the NFL exactly like that yesterday, but nobody else got suspended or fined or anything. Specifically Vontaze Burfict what is understandable based on his past with unnecessary roughness calls. 

Derrick: In legal hits

Jonathan: Yeah

Derrick: Yeah I had a chance to watch the Chiefs game though. 

Jonathan: Chiefs Lions?

Derrick: That was good, did you see when Mahomes went back fake and then tossed the ball without looking.

Jonathan: Yeah, I noticed that he has been trying to practice that he’s been doing the little fake.

Derrick: He’s the only quarterback in the NFL that does that.  I thought I did that that the week before I saw him do a 1-2-3 and a tiny one straight cut straight in and he gave it to the tight end three times. Yeah, I was like he’s the only quarterback, not even Tom Brady can do it.

Jonathan:  Can you believe they put up 34 points without Mahomes throwing or rushing a touchdown? That’s crazy.

Derrick: I’m a little bit sad. My cowboys lost last night versus the Saints.

Jonathan: Yeah well that was a defensive game. It was really boring.

Derrick: It was.What’d you think about the Rams game?

Jonathan:  I was honestly surprised that the Buccaneers scored 55 on them because the Rams have a pretty solid defense you know with Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald.I was surprised that 55 especially Jameis Winston I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan but he’s been playing really well these past two weeks.

Derrick: Let’s look at the Dolphins.

Jonathan: The Dolphins against the Chargers. You know I have hope for the dolphins that they will win one game at least out of the sixteen.

Derrick: Do you know what’s crazy about that? Do you know who just became a part owner of the Dolphins? The serena sisters.

Jonathan: Really? Serena and Venus Williams. They bought ownership. Wow. Did you catch the Thursday night game by any chance? Eagles and Packers.

Derrick:  That was a good game.

Jonathan:  Were you surprised with the outcome or no?

Derrick: Nah

Jonathan: No, you believed the eagles were gonna win the whole time?

 Derrick: It worked for my fantasy

Jonathan:What do you think about the Rodgers play at the end?  whose fault was that? Was that the receivers fault Rodgers all or was it the offensive coordinator for pushing that call?

Derrick: Its gotta be the offensive coordinator.

Jonathan: Yeah they didn’t learn from the Seahawks and Patriots.

Derrick: Are you an NBA fan?

Jonathan: Yes I am. I’m a Laker fan. Die hard.

Derrick: There you go. There you go. Did you see they showed a video of the Lakers practice at their first practice. I love that it was all defense

Jonathan: it was all aggressive.  I saw Anthony Davis trying to body out Dwight Howard.

Derrick: A good matchup right there but he has a window with Lebron.

Jonathan: I didn’t catch that

Derrick: They were going for the ball

Jonathan: I saw another video with Lebron going for a no-look pass to Dwight Howard and Dwight Howard dunking it. This made me excited for the season coming up.

Derrick:  Well, we have our first preseason game this Saturday against the warriors.

Jonathan: Yeah, so opening night is against the Clippers. Right? If i’m not mistaken.

Derrick: Did you see what happened at the Raiders game?

Jonathan: At the Raider game?

Derrick: Yeah, Kawhi-

Jonathan: Oh, the Rams game.

Derrick: Yeah at the rams game

Jonathan: kawhi got booed. He got booed last night Saturday night. He was at the forum and they booed him also.

Derrick: Really?

Jonathan: Yeah. He might only be here for one year, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Did you hear about Paul George? He’s not going to play till like late November.

Derrick: Why?

Jonathan:  He had surgeries on both his shoulders.  So he’s going to miss opening night and he’s going this is probably the first two-three weeks of the season. So i find it pretty crazy. 

Derrick: Yeah. Are there any other sports that you like?

Jonathan:I’m into baseball, soccer, football and basketball.  Those four are the main ones.

 Derrick: So what I heard is the Angels fired their coach this morning.

Jonathan: Did they really? Brad Ausmus. I had not heard about that.  But I heard they would go after Joe Maddon if he became available, which I heard that the Cubs were not gonna he was not going to resign with the cubs.

Derrick: Nice

Jonathan: Did he really get fired? Wow. I did not hear that.

Derrick: So we could probably end with this.  Well, we got a little bit of time, but I mean, you wrote an opinion piece about the NCAA versus California.  You want to talk about that a little bit? 

Jonathan:  So what I wrote about was the NCAA is highly against college athletes having the opportunity to make money while being listed in college and playing for specific universities. So pretty much the rule section 206 the bill and trying to be passed that would allow athletes to get paid and make money outside of the campus while still playing. So pretty much you know, endorsements, jerseys, any anything that puts likeliness to their name, they’re able to make money off of now.  And that bill now it just got signed by Gavin Newsom on Lebron’s show “The Shop.” This morning, this morning, released it. So now students and college athletes in California will be able to make money by 2023.

Derrick: Yeah, I was reading somebody’s point and I kinda agree that it’s going to kind of suck for California to recruit players now. Because according to their article is that if he signed it, the NCAA is going to take all College teams from the championship games and the tournament 

Jonathan: That’s probably what’s going to end up happening if which NCAA released a statement this morning also saying that, that bill makes it unfair to all the other universities. Now they need a way to find they need to find a way to balance the field, which is just going against their, you know, idea that not all universities should get paid but if they do that, then it’’ be a fair play fair balance with everyone. So what do you think about that?  Should they get paid?

Derrick: No

Jonathan: No, you don’t think so? Why so?

Derrick:  I mean, you’re going to school to learn. Yeah, get experience, you know, learn from the coaches. Right? Then once you once you’re good enough, then go to the NBA go to the NFL, you know? So I mean I don’t see it as a win win. There’s gonna be a there’s gonna have to be a compromise between California and the NCAA.

Jonathan: Yeah that’s going to be hard. 

Derrick: Yeah

Jonathan: Only thing is my personal opinion is like, these players go to these colleges, but they’re not most of them don’t really go to study.Like Zion Williamson, going to Duke, I don’t believe Zion took 15 units of classes. He was there to play ball. 

Derrick: Yeah

Jonathan:  So he probably took one class just to stay enlisted, enrolled at the university, which was probably an easy class like our, like fitness walking or something. Something that is able to be done without any problems educationally.You see that’s my problem with the people in the NCAA, like, if you notice, LaMelo Ball, he’s playing, playing with the Hawks, the Illawarra Hawks.  So he’s over here making money playing overseas rather than going to college. And he’s now looked at as one of the top 10 draft picks.

Derrick: Didn’t he go from bottom to the top 10 

Jonathan: he went to I think they’re saying a top five.Yeah he’s jumping.

Derrick: Wow. So the thing about that is that Melo and his dad are not getting along.

Jonathan: Yeah, I heard Lonzo was telling what Melo to make his own choices. Lonzo’s not getting along with his dad.He’s like, I don’t know if you saw that video where he calls him soft. 

He messed up the store, spoiled damage or something like that. It’s talking about how Lonzo hasn’t done anything and now he’s out of LA.

Derrick:  But to me, I think that Lonzo was one who found out that the money was being stolen.

Jonathan:Yeah, Lonzo found out that Alan Foster. That’s crazy he stole more than a million dollars off of him. And I’m pretty sure he got paid. Enough too, I mean he’s working for Big Baller Brand.

Derrick: I’m pretty sure he could have been doing other side deals.

Jonathan: Yeah, under the table.

Derrick: That’s where you know where your money is going and stuff unprotected. Especially with a big company like that.

Jonathan: Especially when it’s your own company.Yes starting off, and especially how much they would charge for their shoes. Would you ever buy one of those shoes?

Derrick: No. So Jonathan is there something you want to talk about before we end

Jonathan: Who do you think is going to win tonight? Steelers or Bengals

Derrick: I’m going with the Steelers.

Jonathan: The Steelers?

Derrick: What about you?

Jonathan: I don’t know I feel like the Bengals, I mean they’re not as bad as they usually are. Andy Dalton’s been putting pretty good numbers. I don’t know if you’ve seen they have Tyler Boyd, Mixon, Ross. I’m not too sure though.

Derrick: Only thing about the Steelers is they don’t have a Quarterback.

Jonathan: Yeah well James Connor has not been producing either. And then Juju got hurt for one or two games. Juju’s a beast.

Derrick: He’s a beast. I watched him play here.

Jonathan: At USC?

Derrick: At long beach poly

Jonathan: Oh long beach poly, high school football.That’s cool. What about fantasy wise? How are you doing fantasy wise?

Derrick: I know I lost yesterday.

Jonathan: You did?

Derrick: Yeah so I’m like 3 and 1. How about you?

Jonathan: I’m actually 4-0 in one league and 3-1 in the other.

Derrick: Yeah, I’m about to be 3-1 in one league I think the other league, I’m about to be 2-2.

Jonathan: Are you doing it bracket style or best record wins?

Derrick: Best Record.

Jonathan: Best Record? Oh you still have time too.

Derrick: Oh yeah. Yeah so this has been off the field, I’m Derrick.

Jonathan: I’m Jonathan

Derrick: And we’ll see you next week.