coffee break impeachment

Nizar milbes and derrick coleman

transcribed by Nizar

Derek: Hey Hello and welcome back to coffee break. Im Derek

Nizar: Im nizar

Derek: And today we gonna talk about umm I guess the impeachment. Do you wanna give us a lil bit about it

Nizar: So we all know that um Donald trump right now is being impeached umm for his umm involvement in the umm trying to get a quick pro quote from the Ukrainian president . And he got caught.

Derek: yea

Nizar: and I think my opinion is I think hes being impeached not just because of this but for a lot of previous corrupted action that hes taken but I think pretty much that was the icing on the cake.

Derek: yea, I mean there’s been so much stuff that’s been going on since he got into office. And now it just keeps getting just worse. I think they’re supposed to vote when they’re supposed to vote Wednesday or Thursday this week?

Nizar: yea on I believe on Thursday they’re gonna vote theyre gonna vote

Derek: they gonna vote?

Nizar: but the troubling matter is that at the end of the day its gonna go to the senate and I was watching MSNBC yesterday and you had a bunch of senator’s republican senators who said it was dead on arrival. And it was crazy one of the news anchors was criticizing him because he brought up the origins of impeachment when the founding fathers when they developed what impeachment was. And one of the anchors was asking the guy and he was saying because it basically states from the founding fathers that the senate will be the jurors and they will look at the case objectively and nmake a decision. And they’ll say how are you already making a decision without looking at all the facts. And its been crazy how are government has been so corrupted and just fails to follow the true values of the you know the American values.
derek: Right, I mean it its so much stuff what the last president to get impeached but it didn’t go through was Clinton right?

Nizar: it was as similar situation. I think back in that time you had the house was majority republican so they impeached him.

Derek: they tried to impeach him?

Nizar: they tried to impeach well they way impeachment works is that the congress impeaches him and then it goes to the senate for trial. And the senate the senate becomes a juror

Derek: mhm

Nizar: in essence. So it was reversed. Now you have in todays day you have the democrats is the majority. But the senate the republican are the majority. But in the Clinton days it was the opposite when you had the republicans in the house and the senate and pretty much the same thing happened.
Derek: ok

Nizar: yea, but um so I think its more of I think majority of people are in belief that hes not gonna be impeached because the senate is vastly republican. But I think its good that they’re doing impeachment so that they can hold the president accountable and I think that’s the whole point. If a president is allowed to abuse power then that’s gonna set a precedence for future for future presidents that they can do whatever they want. Regardless if he gets impeached or not I think it’s a good move just so that we keep our institution and our values intact.
derek: yea, I mean I don’t know that much about it. But the stuff I been hearing about it is like democrats and republicans just going back and forth. You know, I don’t know to me personally I don’t think its about democrats and republicans when it comes to impeachment, the other come together. Its either you go in or you don’t.

Nizar: yea I think unfortunately I think the way our government works now is just all parties and politics. I don’t think anybody really thinking about the country.i think everybody Is just trying to defend their party line. And its sad. Its truly sad that nobody is really making objective assessments and opinions theyre just basically trying to cater to the politics that keeps them stay in power. So hopefully that the times changes you know and that we go back to our original values and our the proper way of the American life.

Derek: right, I mean its its its crazy. I mean especially the way he won the election too you know. And after that then some stuff started happening. And just kept just kept racking up racking up. Look a lot like to bring up the impeachment.

Nizar: yea I think you know that they wanted to do the impeachment after the mother report.

Derek: yea

Nizar: but I believe that this recent violation was really the icing on the cake.i mean you got caught trying to abuse power. So like I said well see what happens.

Derek: yea, ok this has been coffee break, im derek.

Nizar: im nizar

Derek: I will see you guys next time

Nizar: have a good day.