off the field Astros cheating

transcribed by Nizar

Astros cheating Podcast:

Derek: Hello, im derek welcome to after phil

Nizar: im nizar

Derek: and today were gonna talk about the astros. Do you have any info about it?

Nizar: yea um so um its kind of interesting so we learned right after the world series that the astros may have cheated in the 2017 championship run. And very interesting because a lot of us are dodgers’ fans. And we remember that devastating world series loss, and I think a lot of us took attention to it so see what happened exactly

Derek: right

Nizar: apparently the astros had a camera by the scoreboard and they were stealing signs. Pitching signs. Which would give them an advantage because they’ll know that the pitcher is gonna pitch. AND THAT’S basically what the situation is.

Derek; did you watch that video? Did you watch that video though?

Nizar: which video?

Derek: so there’s a video of the guy was explaining how they was taking the signs. And they were using they were batting trash cans in the ground to signal what kind of pitch it was.

Nizar: oh yea I did see that

Derek: that’s crazy. That’s like the football team..

Nizar: the patriots?

Derek: the patriots

Nizar: yea but this was far worse. Because the patriots did something with the ball or something. You know? But these guys wer you know stealing signs and im curios to see what the punishment is going to be. I think they should reward the world series to the dodgers.i mean but its gonna be kind of awkward. I mean how could somebody

Derek: yea

Nizar: be a winner when they didn’t actually win. So I don’t know I don’t know what do you feel like the punishment should be

Derek: well according to them they could take away draft picks. They could be fined. You know? Those are 2 of the things that could hurt your team.
nizar: I think that based on the evidence, I think based on the evidence after they did their investigation that then they should determine what the punishment should be. If there was a large scale cheating scandal where their was you know clear evidence of him cheating in the playoffs in the world series I think that they should have the championship stripped, because that’s gonna send a message to teams that if you do something like that you know theres a big punishment, because you know fines loss of prospect I don’t think that’s gonna be a good deal especially for the guys that lost.


Derek: yea, I think that even as we hear the major league baseball is still investing. So I don’t know how long that’s gonna take.

Nizar: I think that they were saying that they were gonna have it done before the beginning of the season. So I don’t know. I could tell you I was a little bit happy. You know as dodger fan I could tell you that I was just a little bit kind of Im not gonna say happy I was just more like ok. I guess maybe it’s a reason for us to feel better because hey we didn’t lose cause we just lost maybe cause there was cheating involved.


Derek: I mean theres ive played sports before. I mean I know people that cheat and that’s its crazy its crazy.

Nizar: whats crazy too is that I mean how does the whole like how do you im really curiosy to see how high up the chain was this cheating involved. Like did it go all the way to the owner. Like at the end of the day its like kind of a stupid move, I mean how you gonna how you gonna do something like that and the whole team knows about it and you think one day someone is not gonna spill the beans. I mean haa I mean like its you ever heard the saying you cant you know if three people are holding a secret the only way it keeps a secret is if two of them are gone. Like you cant keep a secret when a bunch of people know about something. Like I really don’t understand the logic behind that and thinking they not gonna be discovered.

Derek: mhm. I mean that’s ill say that’s will happen in baseball before right?

Nizar: you know I think that uh I think sign stealing has always been a part of the game. You know? But I think its admissible if your doing it like just as without using technology you know? Like if your doing is it as an intel process like if the manager notices something. But if your doing It with technology like zooming in then your basically that’s a serious you know that’s a serious scandal. Im very eager to see what the punishment is gonna be.

Derek: mhm. Yea um same here. Is there anything else you want to tell us ?

Nizar: ummm I think that um I just think that’s its very wrong. I mean that I think that were gonna have to see what happens, im very eager like I said im very eager to find out what the punishment is. And hopefully its something severe enough for teams to learn theyre lesson.

Derek: oh yea. SO this is After phil im Derek

Nizar: im nizar

Derek: ill see you guys next time