Big expense occurs off campus

Taylor Ogata, Staff Writer

One of the biggest expenditures of being a college student is getting to campus.

Depending on where you live and how you get to school, the cost of transportation varies.

Five students discussed how far away from Cerritos College they live, how they get to campus, how much they spend per week on their method(s) of transportation, and which form of transportation (if they have more than one) is more cost-efficient.

Jesse Navarete, audio/sound engineering major said, “I live 20 minutes away in Bell. Mondays and Wednesdays, my brother takes me. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I take the bus to school.

“However, I take the bus home every day. Whenever I ride with my brother, I pay $5 per week for his gas while I spend $8 per week on the bus fares, so thus, it is $13 a week. Riding with my brother is more cost-efficient for me considering the fact I don’t always pay him gas money, but when I take the bus, all the money comes out of my pocket.”

Nate Woodson, theatre major said,” I am 10 minutes away in North Long Beach. My parents take me because it is free and easy for me.”

Van Cao, auto manufacturer specialty major said, “I live 20 minutes from campus in Lakewood. I either drive or commute with my parents. Whenever I drive, I spend $20 a week for gas. I’m not sure which is more economical honestly, I guess riding with my parents is more cost-efficient since I don’t have to pay them for gas.”

Stephanie Medlin, undecided major said, “I’m about an hour away in Downey with traffic. I take the bus, and I spend $10 a week. I don’t know of any other way since I don’t have a driver’s license.”

Vanessa Garcia, biology major said, “I’m five minutes away in Bellflower. Sometimes I take the bus and sometimes, I take Uber. I spend $15 a week total for both services. The bus is cheaper, but Uber is faster since there is no specified routes.”