Ismael de Anda III opens in art gallery

Tim Dickerson

The art gallery opened with artwork from Ismael de Anda III on Feb. 24.

The opening reception will be on Feb. 25.

One room in the gallery was a big art story of a swing at his grandparents’ farm.

On the walls were text prints of the story when he found out that the old swing, which he thinks his grandfather built, was destroyed.

His cousins told him that lightning hit a tree, which fell on the swing.

The swing was later re-welded while de Anda was trying to re-create one from memory.

A miniature model of the swing lies in the center of the room with benches in the corners of the room.

Also there is a digital frame on the wall with photos from the farm, including of the swing.

Next to the frame is a tractor painted on the wall.

“Since I’ve been here, it’s the first time (art) has been painted on the wall,” said Jeff Ortega, gallery assistant.

The tractor wasn’t the only art painted directly on the walls.

There is a large frame painted on the wall, with only few nailed drilled into it now.

Ortega said, “The whole concept is to interact with it.”

Next to the frame is a nail gun for people to participate and drive a nail into the outline.

“Safety was the big thing,” Ortega said. “We always let people know to be cautious.”

To warn people about safely operating the nail gun, there is a disclaimer next to it.

Covering another wall is a large two-headed ceramic beast, which is also painted directly on the wall.

Ortega said that de Anda encouraged the gallery staff to interact with it and paint it, with only the direction coming from de Anda.

“It was a two-week process,” Ortega said.

Other artworks in the gallery include:

  • “Aqui (Teeter)” and “Alla (Totter),” which are made of chicle, ceramic glue, wood and architectural figurines,
  • painted cotton shirts and jackets in glass cases,
  • “Nebulous” and
  • “Chaosm.”