A Falcon’s love for kittens

Rob Flores

The youngest board of directors member to serve at Zazzy Cats Kitten Rescue, Roxanne Montero sociology major, has a passion for helping kittens.

“I started as a volunteer a year and a half ago helping care for neonate foster,” Montego said.

She mentioned that people took notice of her ambition and was promoted to director of foster/volunteer relations.

Montero said, “I don’t get paid for what I do. The only compensation I ever received was reimbursement when making purchases like liter, formula.”

After mentioning to a rescuer that she loved bottle-feeding kittens, she was asked to foster kittens for Zazzy Cats Kitten Rescue.

Mentero said, “After recruiting people and helping spread the word about Zazzy Cats the board members offered me a chance to become a member of the board of directors.”

Her friend, Reginy El, believes Montero is bringing awareness to a problem of stray kittens in the greater Los Angeles area.


“I know all the work that she has put in for the rescue because she ends our conversations with having to do something for the kitties,” El said.
Montero takes pride in the fact that her organization helps kittens find homes.

In the last year, Zazzy Cats Kitten Rescue found homes for over 250 cats and hosts various adoption events that Zazzy Cats host year round.

Zazzy Cats Kitten Rescue acquired a new location in Downey and you can keep up with the organization through Facebook.

With the intentions of promoting her organization to communities next year, Montero decided to join the Cerritos College Forensics team to improve her public speaking skills.

Director of forensics April Griffin recalls hearing about Montero being a board member and did not know she was the youngest.

Griffin admires that Montero remains humble about her accomplishments rather than bragging.

“I anticipate Roxanne completing at least seven different speaking activities [competitions, events, etc.],” Griffin said.

After Cerritos College, Montero hopes to achieve a bachelor’s degree followed by attending veterinary school.