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Faculty defeat students in first ever flag football game

The first ever faculty and staff versus students flag football game was held at Falcon Stadium on Friday, Nov. 20. Politcal Science professor Dennis Falcon was on of the faculty members that participated in the event. Falcon(right) runs away from the the defending student(left) to try to get a first down for his team. Photo credit: Grester Celis-Acosta

The first ever faculty and staff versus students flag football game was held at Falcon Stadium on Friday, Nov. 20.

According to Joseph Frausto, Inter-Club Counsel Commissioner, a total of 28 students and faculty and staff were in attendance and participants at the game.

16 were students and 12 were faculty and staff.

Frausto, who was the man behind the idea and was one of the main people to orchestrate this event, said that the turnout was great for the first time.

“It was a great turnout. It was really fun. It was better than I expected, I thought, to be honest, this was the first year we’re doing it so I was a little nervous about it, but we had a great turnout. The staff really came out here and played hard [and] it was a pretty close game,” he said.

Both Frausto and ASCC President Eduardo De La Rosa played in the game with both of them being on the student team.

“I think this was a strong bonding experience,” De La Rosa said, regarding the flag football game.

De La Rosa expressed that it would be great to have another flag football game like this one in the future.

“I think it would be cool if we could this more often, do this again next year, it would be cool if we started maybe a little tradition,” he said.

As for this game itself, it was played with two 30-minute sessions with both teams starting 60 yards away from the goal line to try to score a touchdown.

There were a total of nine players on the field with both teams substituting players as the game went along.

Faculty and staff started off with the ball and were also the first team to score a touchdown.

It would remain that way for the rest of the first half, until the students were able to score early on in the second half.

Both teams also had their fair share of mistakes as they both threw for a combined total of seven interceptions, four from students and three from faculty and staff.

By the end of the two sessions, both teams were tied at 12-12 and the game had to be pushed into overtime.

Students had the ball to begin overtime and with their first play, they threw an interception in the end zone.

Faculty then had the football and ended scoring a touchdown to win the game 18-12.

Student Oscar Valle, philosophy major, had fun participating in the game and did not expect a lot of people to be in attendance.

“It was fun, I didn’t expect there to be a lot of people, but it turned out to be a good crowd of people. It got pretty competitive surprisingly,” Valle said.

As for Jazmine Sanchez, animal behavior major, said, “It was fun actually. I thought we would get a lot more people to come, but it was still a great turnout and a lot of fun for its first year. I really enjoyed myself [and] I would come back and do this again if they kept it going.”

All the money that was raised for this event was used to buy water, Gatorade, powerade, chips, fruit and snakes for people who played in the game.

The money that was also fundraise in the event will also be going to an organization called Angel Step 2, which according to Frausto, it is “a halfway house for mothers that have been sexually/domestically abused that just need to get back on their feet. This money will give back to both the parent and the child.”

Frausto also goes on to say that he can see a flag football game like this happen again in the future.

“A lot of people have expressed to me that they would like to see if we could do this maybe once a month. That be cool,” Frausto said.

He also expressed that he would like to see this as a tradition similar to that of zombie fest and the falcon games.

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Faculty defeat students in first ever flag football game