Star Wars Battlefront does not reach its potential



“Star Wars Battlefront.” (EA Games)

Grester Celis-Acosta

Star Wars Battlefront the game so many people have been waiting for since the release of the second game back in when the PlayStation 2 was still around, and this game delivers in some aspects and in others not so much.

This game definitely delivers in the authenticity of Star Wars. It look and feels like you’re in the world, thanks to its stunning graphics and the character models.

The sound from the weapons and explosions across the battlefield sound exactly like the films.

One thing that the original games had down was the fact that they were extremely fun games to play. That same feel returns in this game.

Going around and just blasting enemies, jumping into an AT-ST or a speeder bike. It is all here for your enjoyment.

Even though space combat isn’t in this game, you can still jump into an X-Wing or a Tie Fighter and soar across the skies to take down enemies.

Walker Assault, Supremacy, Drop Zone, Fighter Squadron and Hero Hunt are the game modes that were the most enjoyable.

Each game mode gave a twist, for example, in Hero Hunt players hunt down one hero and whoever kills the hero gets to become the hero and wreaks havoc onto to the opposing players. The player who ends with the most kills as the hero wins the match.

Walker Assault is also another game mode that is a lot of fun because the rebels have to destroy and imperial walker, while the empire has to protect the walker until the last check point so that it can win.

But even though these game modes are fun and the authenticity is all there, this game fails to deliver anything else.

There is no story mode, the rest of the game modes just flat out suck or are uninteresting and the customization is just terrible.

While the rebels have different types of heads for customization, the empire has the same heads as the rebels. It would’ve been awesome if there were different types of armor that could be put on your Stormtrooper.

This game basically lacks a lot of the variety that many other shooters don’t suffer from. There aren’t too many guns, there are only four maps with each game mode getting a different variation of the map and the customization is just lack luster.

Star Wars Battlefront happens to be a fun and authentic Star Wars experience, but lacks a lot of the depth and variation other shooters already have.