Club advisers reception shows off student talent


Kristopher Carrasco

Broderick Woods and Erica Panduro perform an orignal dance number for the Club Adviser Reception. The two put together the dance number with the rest of the Dynamic Dance Club. Photo credit: Kristopher Carrasco

Miguel Meza, Staff Writer

As the sun set over the Cerritos College campus, hordes of club advisers, presidents and even a number of talented individuals filled up the Student Center for the Club Advisor/Officer Reception.

The many faces in attendance took their seats at tables decorated with white and blue table cloths along with small, complimentary Cerritos College Falcon flags, all feasting their eyes upon a stage fitted with a dark background to highlight the performers of the night’s event.

The reception took place on Wednesday, Jan. 27 and consisted of a student talent show, food, complimentary gifts and announcements about upcoming club events.

The lineup for the show was made up of several acts which ranged from singing, fundamental prose by two members of the Forensics Club and a dance number by two members of the Dynamic Dance Club.

President of the Dynamic Dance Club Broderick Woods and club member Erica Panduro felt nervous about their performance considering they only had two days to prepare.

“We actually did everything good. We’ve performed before for our club, but for some odd reason this was a bit more nerve wracking,” Woods said.

Amara Jara, talked about the upcoming club info events, ideas for the annual spring festival and the upcoming celebration for the birthday of the Cerritos College mascot, Franco Falcon.

“We do a spring festival every year, and it consists of the Mr. Cerritos contest, a cupcake contest and a chili cook-off. We also combine the Falcon Games along with it. It’s a new group of students so they put their own touch,” she said.

The dinner reception was complete with catering courtesy of the Culinary Arts department.

Warm fluorescent light shined upon those in the room, as some of the advisers took their seats, a couple of lingering eyes from guests found themselves peering at the mashed potatoes bar as several more people served themselves slushies.

At the end of the event, which is still considered a drastic difference from the event prior (a luncheon, minus the talent show), a multitude of Falcon colored plastic wrapped gift bags awaited guests.

So as the white and blue balloons swayed gently with the air condition currents, the many figures that run the club scene at Cerritos all looked well pleased with the event and it’s outcome.