Art collabs with autobody program


Benjamin Garcia

Beatriz Cortez created a dome, "Black Mirror" for her art show "Your Life Work." The dome piece is connected to a previous work of hers, "The Cosmos."

Benjamin Garcia, Staff Writer

Visual Artist and Professor of Central American Studies at Cal State Northridge, Beatriz Cortez is currently showcasing an exhibit with the idea of a singular career path as a way of contributing to society as a theme.

The artist asserts that vocational skills are not only used to get a job but can be used to express one’s self on the same way an artist might.

Students and faculty members attended the Tuesday, Mar. 1 show and greatly appreciated the exhibition of Cortez’s work.

The artist stated, “This installation is linked to my previous work, “The Cosmos.” That piece had a structure very similar to this. You could go inside and there were fun house-like mirrors.

One of her artwork, “Black Mirror,” was a big hit at the opening night show.

“I am interested in how the black mirror for Mesoamerican cultures was a way for people to define their future. In modernity the aptitude test is a way for you to define your destiny. So I wanted to have both versions here.” explained Cortez.

Years ago the Art department started a collaboration with the Technology department that would place a professional artist in the facilities of a Technology division.

Last year Cortez was chosen to be apart of the program. She was imbedded in the Auto-body program to work with sheet metal and auto-body paint.

She continued, “I also think that there’s something interesting about how I took the videos form the 1940’s. I took out the voice overs of the videos and I put them inside the ball, like it’s in that space.”

Art History instructor, Lisa Boutin-Vitela expressed her excitement for this event, “I enjoyed the dome that she created. It was fun to go inside.”

This event was a culmination of Cortez’s residency at Cerritos College. She has been on campus since Oct. 2015 as part of this program.

Gallery Director and Professor of Art History, James MacDevitt gave a brief summary of his role in this exhibit, “I was the one who imagined, founded, and created the residency. I worked alongside [Cortez] as she proposed the exhibition and as she built it.”

She expressed,I hope [this piece] will inspire students to think with the skills and resources they have here at Cerritos College, they can make things that they haven’t imagined.”