Student duo electrify the crowd with musical performances

Terrel Emerson, Sports Editor

The works of Ralph Vaughn Williams and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were covered in a recital put on by the Cerritos College Applied Music Program.

Analyss Gomez and Summer Wilson were the performers in the Burnight Center Theatre Wednesday, Mar. 2.

“They did very well matter of fact, excellent,” Kyounghee Kim said.

Kim accompanied both of the performers on the piano.

Gomez opened the show with three works by Vaughn Williams.

“I’ve been working on them for so long they tend to become tried a little bit but I just remind myself that I need to perform in front of an audience,” she said.

Rhonda Dillon is Gomez’s instructor and admitted that she was confident her student would be able to complete the five songs.

Also, the fact that the recital was only two performers gave the duo more time to prepare.

“The Call” was one of the numbers which was originally written for a baritone soloist. Although Gomez had no worries prior to the performance despite being a Mezzo Soprano.

“In operas [females] take on a lot of young men roles in singing, so it was like ‘why not try it,’” she added.

She followed it with two works from both Gabriel Faure (“Les Roses D’lspahan”) and Jule Styne (“Everything’s Coming up Roses”).

“Everything’s Coming up Roses” came from the 1959 musical “Gypsy” on Broadway.

Wilson closed the show with a flute performance of Mozart’s Concerto No. 1, in G Major.

“People who know Mozart so well already have it in their ear what Mozart should sound like just because its been around so long,” she said.

Her instructor Keren Schweitzer admitted that the practice schedule was full in order to ensure a good performance.

“We had weekly hour private lessons in which we spent a lot of time working on many details in the concerto such as intonation, rhythm, fingering, interpretation, articulation,” she said.

The performance included a range of sounds, some high and some low.

“My high notes were my favorite, those are a monster and I swear they can smell fear,” she added.