Recognizing our the veterans of Cerritos College

Rocio Valdez, Staff Writer

Cerritos College Military Ball is just around the corner.

It taking place May 6, 2017 at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel to give back to the amusement park for helping veterans out.

Glen Pena, Veterans Resource Specialist said, “Knott’s had a good price and the whole organization is veteran friendly, they do a lot with us in the month of November, if you are a veteran or served you’re allowed to get one free admission and a guest and up to six discounted tickets”.

The Veterans Center at Cerritos has a lot to offer back to those who serve for our country.

It’s a place to sign up and get help with their education benefits, they provide a counselor and an educational plan.

They are they liaison between the Department of Veteran Fairs and Cerritos College to ensure that veterans receive their benefits.

Mental Health Counselors that help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injury or any other issues brought up.

A tutoring room is offered as well to help with English, writing, math, physics, accounting and chemistry.

Books are also leand out for the semester to veterans through a book library loan system supported by grants and donations, for those who can’t afford the books or did not get them covered with their benefits.

Free printing, computer use, and calculator check out is available as well.

Shane Slovyn, veteran student, is ready and excited for the Military Ball this upcoming Saturday.

Slovyn served from December 31, 2008 to April 12, 2012, to get.

“It’s a haven a place where all the vets can go, no matter what they believe in or who they are and they don’t have to fear of being judged,

“They have helped me get a pay check so I can live”, stated Slovyn.

He is glad he found the help to get financially stable after he served due to the need of a job.

Serving in the military made him more patriotic, but other than that Slovyn feels like not much has changed with him.