Talon Marks

Def Man’s Music Slideshow

November 19, 2013

An inside look at Def Man's Music on the Cerritos College Campus at WPMD from noon-1p.m., Monday and Wednesday.

Chorus teacher helps students’ harmony

Andrew Casillas, Arts Editor

October 31, 2013

"The first time is a mistake, the second, sure, you forgot, and the third time is foolishness," Anna DeMichele, teacher of the community choir class at Cerritos College, said about the mistakes her were making during rehearsal.   She began her teaching career at Cal State Long Beach, then taught for a couple of years in the Huntington Bea...

Review of Do you hear what I hear

Alexandra Gomez

October 15, 2013

With a recollection of music played on the movie “The Pianist,” professor Christine Lopez will be hosting the music concert series, "Do You Hear What I Hear?” on Friday, Oct. 11.   “When you know the music and the story of what of what’s going on at the time, you can hear the pain,” Lopez said, “it’s very emotional music, v...

Program for the musically inclined

Solmayra Mendez

October 15, 2013

The Applied Music Program of Cerritos College is based for musically talented students who are looking to major in the music and strengthen their musical abilities. Each year, the program accepts sixty students and has eighteen private instructors ready to teach them. The programs offers opportunities to the students in it such as the ability branch...

A rock ‘n’ roller’s jazzy dream

Andrew Casillas

October 15, 2013

The band consists of four members with Will Brahm on guitar, Rosy Rosenquist on drums, Ray Enix on bass and Simmons on keyboard. Simmons said, "I've had this band since 2005, but I've had a lot of different players who just rotate through." Simmons has been playing the keyboard for many years, with a main focus in jazz. "It was actually a band...

Final concert for piano ensemble

Dr. Christine Lopez

Jonathan Garza and Heather Hoelscher

June 6, 2013

Christine Lopez, director of the applied music and piano studies programs and piano instructor in the Music Department, is looking...

Jimmy – 2nd Annual Cans Concert shakes it up ^

Jimmy Edwards-Turner

November 14, 2010

For Jeanette Martinez and Shaun Bryant, music majors, Cerritos College's Music Club's second Annual Cans Concert was a great chance to express their love, while helping the food drive at the same time. The recently engaged couple performed a 50s love song on the night of the show as one of the 20 performances that occurred Nov. 12. "We met in our music...

Paramore releases its best album

Bobby Chichester

October 5, 2009

Paramore has released a new album, and it is overall its best album yet.Brand New Eyes is Paramore's third album, and it has some great tracks, but some leave me wondering.There are 11 tracks on Brand New Eyes, and there are some of them I do not agree with as its best."Ignorance" is the first single from this album and it is classic Paramore, in th...


Bobby Chichester

September 26, 2009

Gregory Schreiner is a piano teacher at Cerritos College.He has been teaching piano at Cerritos College since 1987.He has taught at other campuses, such as Santa Monica College and the University of South Florida."I have been a piano teacher since 1983," Schreiner said.He has expectations of all his students at all levels."My expectation for m...

Iron Maidens review#

Rosie Hernandez

September 2, 2009

"This feels like a dinner party, classy," said Sara, lead singer from the Iron Maidens, an all-female tribute band to Iron Maiden.The Iron Maidens' performance at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet on Aug. 28 was great.The show was rockin', I thought, until I saw the expression on the spectators' faces.They had "blah" all over their faces sitting there as ...

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