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Estrogen Express: Zodiac

Cindy Canas, Tiara White, Marilyn Parra, Guadalupe Zaragoza, and Jasmine Martinez

May 6, 2019

00:00 Hi, so welcome back to estrogen Express. I'm Cindy 00:03 Im Guada. 00:04 I'm Tiara. 00:06 I'm Marilyn. 00:06 [Cindy] And today we have a special guest. 00:09 [Jasmine] Hi, I'm Jasmine. 01:00 [Tiara] What are they? What are zodiac signs? ...

Wide Shot: Cinema Con

Michael Reza, Kianna Znika, and Derrick Coleman

May 6, 2019

Michael Reza 0:01 Alright, what's up cinema fans. It's Mike Reza here with the Wide Shot podcast. I'm here today with   Kianna Znika 0:09 Kiana Znika   Derrick Coleman 0:10 and Derrick Coleman   Michael Reza 0:11 and we are back on our weekly addition to yo...

Coffee Break: Venezuela Part Two

Derrick Coleman, Keanu Ruffo, Eunice Barron, and Oceana Christopher

April 25, 2019

Derrick: “Hello falcons, welcome back to Coffee Break, I’m Derrick.”   Keanu: “I’m Keanu”   Eunice: “I’m Eunice.”   Derrick: “And today we are going to continue part two of our Venezuela political crisis. So Oceana welcome back.”   Oceana: ...

WideShot: Movie Pet Peeves

Edgar Mendoza, Derrick Coleman, and Cindy Canas

April 25, 2019

Edgar  0:01 Morning guys, welcome to the wide shot podcast today we're missing two of our members.   Derrick  0:05 Yep.   Edgar  0:06 So Derek and I are going to be giving you guys a mini episode. Alright, so today's topic is going to be our pet peeves about the ...

Coffee Break: Part one Venezuela

Derrick Coleman, Keanu Ruffo, Eunice Barron, Oceana Christopher, and Cindy Canas

April 25, 2019

Derrick: Hello Falcon, welcome back to Coffee Break, my name is Derrick.   Keanu: And I’m Keanu.   Eunice: I’m Eunice.   Derrick: Today we have a special guest this week, this week and her name is Oceana Christopher.   Oceana: Hi everybody, I am here today...

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