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Jamie Lee Curtis, the ‘Halloween’ queen

Jasmine Martinez, News Editor

October 24, 2018

With a dash of nostalgia and plenty of Easter eggs, the latest film in the “Halloween” franchise falls short in the horror department, but makes up for it with Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, Laurie Strode’s unwavered determination to end Michael Myers. Curtis and Nick Castle reprise their roles as Strode and Myers, adding to the authenticity...

‘The Hate You Give’ shines a light on racial tensions

Christopher Martinez, Staff Writer

October 22, 2018

"The Hate You Give" is an amazing platform to speak out for those who cannot do so themselves who have been affected by racial tensions. Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'HOktKJIsSz5ngPH_1DWKqg',sig:'hvH35f5jZdZZwAouz8xeFi8IUElPfGKoHovjhupNY2I=',w:'594px',h:'346px',items:'995791182'...

Ryan Gosling Dazzles Audience In “First Man”

Rebecca Aguila, Staff Writer

October 17, 2018

"First Man" basically made the movie "Apollo 13" look like a puppet-show compared to this compelling movie directed by Damien Chazelle. On Oct. 12, "First Man" hit theaters to enchant movie-goers and fanatics on a journey into the life of the famous astronaut and engineer, Neil Armstrong. Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, who was one of the first...

Spend time with the king of spooky, Tim Burton

Bianca Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

October 17, 2018

Looking for spooky basket fodder? Or just want to take part in the season and have a Halloween movie marathon, but you can't stand gore or being scared? Then grab your coziest blanket and take a look at this list of festive movies you can watch peacefully with the lights off. Tim Burton Of course, you can't have a non-scary movie list withou...

‘Apostle’ is the perfect spine-chilling film you’ll want to see

Guadalupe Zaragoza, Staff Writer

October 14, 2018

Within his new full-length film on Netflix "Apostle," Gareth Evans follows a rather new and different path that includes a full-fledged horror with a dark, nasty and discordant story surrounding a religious cult, which premiered on Oct. 12. It’s a chilling gore with incredible creativity, leaving the audience at the edge of their seat. Embed from Getty Ima...

‘Venom’, a movie so bad it’s GOOD!

Karen Miramontes, Staff Writer

October 11, 2018

Ruben Fleischer's "Venom" tried to take itself seriously in the first few minutes of this anti-hero movie, but would later feel as a wacky, bizarre superhero film that felt like it was made in the 1990's. Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'2KnX24CpR1Z9THQmwclq0A'...

Garner makes dazzling return to big screen with ‘Peppermint’ film

Naila Salguero, Staff Writer

September 12, 2018

http://gty.im/1024971538 Refreshing as a peppermint, it’s nice to see Jennifer Garner back on the big screen as the lead role in an action movie. Since her breakout role as Sydney Bristow in the television series "Alias," it has been over a decade since we’ve seen Garner in a thriller movie. She is known for her roles in rom-coms such as...

Netflix’s ‘The After Party’ is a complete miss

Marilyn Parra, Staff Writer

August 28, 2018

  Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'ooF4TOsuRCtfeN_31W1qDQ',sig:'uUCUtt_F44O8QCPidvzIQsHvZdTmxtbJbqXLkAS9dDw=',w:'594px',h:'402px',items:'1017389998',caption: false ,tld:'com',is360: false })}); Netflix's original movie "The After Party," has a predictable storyline and stereotypes the rapping industry. With the overuse of drugs, strippers, and obscene jokes this movie gives a bad light to the world of rap. Young rapper Owen, ...

Crazy Rich Asians: Hollywood’s huge milestone for rom-coms

Eunice Barron, Staff Writer

August 20, 2018

One of this summer's highly anticipated movie releases, "Crazy Rich Asians" became an important film to see, mainly for its praise as the first Hollywood studio movie in 25 years to feature and breakthrough representation of an all-Asian or Asian-American cast. The last time Hollywood had an all-Asian cast was in Wayne Wang's 1993 film, Joy Luck Club...

‘Breaking In’ is worth a matinee ticket

John Chavez

May 17, 2018

The thriller film “Breaking In” debuted at the box office May 11 and while it may not be the best movie the film genre has to offer, it’s certainly worth the price of a matinee ticket. “Breaking In” is the product of Australian film director James McTeigue, whose greatest claim to fame is his “V for Vendetta, ” w...

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