Talon Marks

Bianca Bitches: Adulting

Bianca Martinez

February 27, 2018

"Pomp and Circumstance," the song that symbolizes new beginnings and that fact that you are now thrust headlong into adulthood, but for many of us with social anxiety, that timeless tune resembles sudden death. Now you alone...

Pistil: a hero for the victims who go ignored

Alison Hernandez

February 27, 2018

The comic ‘Pistil’ was written by Jessica Maison and illustrated by Loni Watson and the premise it presents is already looking to be an interesting one. Trigger warnings for mentions of murder, drug use, rape and ...

Cerritos College Stem Symposium 2018

Jackie Mena

February 17, 2018

Cerritos College partnered up with Sabio for the Stem Symposium on Feb. 9 at 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. The event took place at the LC55 teleconference room near the library. This event presented tech professionals from all over the globe....

Club info day; what club to join?

Elizabeth Corcoles

February 14, 2018

Club info day occured on Feb. 7 at Falcon Square. Many of the clubs offered at Cerritos College came out to have students pledge to their allegiance. Although they all have different stances and viewpoints, all of them have on...

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