Talon Marks

Director of Student Services Program, Norma Rodriguez explained how Chicano Studies is important to society. Chicano Studies can prepare students for different careers as well. Photo credit: Nicholas Johnson

Students learned about Chicano Studies

November 20, 2017

Foreign Language Instructor Carlos Arce hosted a Chicano Studies lecture for students who are interested in pursuing Chicano Studies...

Lady Dynamite season two loses plot

Benjamin Garcia

November 15, 2017

Netflix dropped season two of the hit original series Lady Dynamite starring comedian Maria Bamford -- which is carried solely by her strings of bits and celebrity cameos.Whether it was on purpose or by accident, the final episode's title, "Little Manila," may or may not be a double entendre for hypomania -- and bipolar fans everywhere can be gratef...

Kemberly Enriquez trying on army gear with the permission of the veterans. Enriquez and the Homecoming Queen Jazmine Jose were taking pictures wearing the gear. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Veterans Appreciation Day held by Veterans Resources Center

November 15, 2017

Students and staff came together outside the Veterans Resources Center to show their appreciation for their service. On Nov....

Veteran and Psychology Major at CSULA Brandon Cholvers spoke to students about the meaning of Veterans Day.The event was held on Nov. 9 in the amphitheater. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Veterans honored in commemoration ceremony

November 13, 2017

The Veterans Resource Center had a special ceremony to honor those who have served in the military.The event was held on Nov. 9...

Victor Campos, vice president of engineering at Sabio, explained to the student the different perspectives about coding. There will be three more coding workshops only on Tuesdays. Photo credit: Nicholas Johnson

Students learn about the basics of coding

November 9, 2017

Software engineers Dahara Patet and Carlos Ayala-Gonzalez, hosted a coding workshop that went over different types of coding on...

Natalie Fletcher, regional recruiter at Child Care Careers telling Lydia Perez, speech and language mythology major the requirements. Fletcher said the company is flexible with students schedules, because the minimum requirement to work is two days per week. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Companies offer job opportunities to students at Job Fair

November 7, 2017

Companies came to campus to offer job opportunities to students at the annual Job Fair on Thursday, Nov. 2. The fair was held ...

Film screening leads to discussing religion’s place in society

Benjamin Garcia

November 7, 2017

English major Ainee La Madrid found out about the screening of Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth held on Nov. 2 through the Falcon Newsletter.Being a huge fan of the film and loving the director, she commented, "Of course I came here. I wanted to see it with other people who I knew would appreciate the movie."She went on to say that "there is someth...

A lecture and performance on Frida Kahlo took place at Cerritos College on Thursday, Nov. 2. Before the beginning of every monologue Spanish Instructor and Chair of the Modern Language Department, Froylán Cabuto explained the meaning of each piece that Kahlo made and the things she was going through in her life that made her do that piece. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Frida Kahlo comes to life

November 7, 2017

Mexican actress Alejandra Flores brought Frida Kahlo to life through a series monologues while Colombian dancer and choreographer Be...

Carlos Quezada, administration of justice major, danced a song from Jalisco dance called

Dia de los Muertos celebration commemorates the dead

November 4, 2017

The MEChA club of Cerritos College organized an event to celebrate Dia de los Muertos and raise culture awareness to students on...

Talent acquisition manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car Susie Arellano-Reed at podium on Nov. 2. According to Ross-Jones, they met about a year an a half ago -- at a career event and they

Students learn value of experience, attire and communication

November 4, 2017

Jazmin Soto, who is working on her BA in business marketing, came to the Nov. 2 workshop to get more information on car rental...

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